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Uncompromised Design
Unparalleled Durability
Industry Leading Quality

Saffire's Crucible firebox, like a crucible for smelting iron, is super tough; it virtually eliminates the need to replace broken fireboxes.


• Durability
• Starting
• Ease of Cleaning

Saffire grills are majestic enough to sit in any setting, no matter where you live

Excellent Cooking Experience!

No Gas or Electricity Required

The portable 13 inch Saffire kamado is shown with a lake background and the lid closed.


A beautifully-cooked pork rump is shown on an open Saffire ceramic grill, with a nice garden backdrop

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Barbeque Excellence

Refined, Versatile & Durable

Saffire Grills’ trusted design takes a huge step forward for BBQ grills, with the patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder Port and Crucible Firebox, plus extra thick, kiln-fired ceramics and heavy-duty hardware. Get unmatched quality with outstanding culinary results.

See why Saffire is the best, most versatile and durable kamado/barbecue on the market today!

Leading Innovation with the Patented Smokin' Chip Feeder

  • Add wood chips without opening up the grill
  • Smoke your food longer with less work
  • Clean and chip-free food

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Revolutionary Crucible Firebox

Patent Pending

Saffire is the only ceramic grill to eliminate firebox breakage and add these major benefits with the amazing and innovative Crucible Firebox!

  • More Durable
  • Faster Starting
  • Easier Cleaning

And More

Congratulations Daniel Raeder for winning 4th place at the 2018 SCA World Championship! We're proud to have grill masters like Daniel, Stephan Berghaus, Little Hawk Blackburn, and others cooking on Saffires around the world!

See What Our Customers Have to Say:

The Crucible: A Worth-While Upgrade for Sure

I loved my Saffire grill before the new crucible, but my only complaint was airflow and taking too long to get up to temperature. With the new crucible in, it raises the temperature faster and will get hotter with less charcoal than it did before. A worth-while upgrade for sure!!

March 10, 2020

Follow Up & Communication

  1. First of all, I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed cooking as much as I have on my Saffire smoker. “It makes all the difference”.
  2. The outdoor cover I purchased is quality in every respect.
  3. What to me is just as important as everything else is the “follow up and communication” I’ve had with Joshua.… Read more “Follow Up & Communication”
January 14, 2021

The Value of Saffire Stood out Beyond the Others

I ordered a Black Saffire Large 19″ Platinum for an outdoor kitchen. This was after due diligence on the competitors such as Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and some other brands at various home improvement stores. Before purchasing, the value of the Saffire stood out beyond the others. Stainless steel hardware, solid construction, and a general… Read more “The Value of Saffire Stood out Beyond the Others”

March 5, 2020


Support/customer service responded in a timely fashion. I am pleased with the product that I purchased.

September 16, 2019

Great Grilling and Smoking Experiences

The Saffire Grill enables great grilling and smoking experiences. It looks great and the performance is outstanding. The firebox truly is world class and the accessories allow flexibility across your menu. I highly recommend the Saffire Grill.

March 6, 2020

I Like My Saffire Grill a Lot!

I like my Saffire Grill a lot! I also like the new design of the crucible. Seems like it’s going to hold up really well from now on. Looking forward to making more delicious meals for my family and friends for years to come. I was also really impressed with the help I received form… Read more “I Like My Saffire Grill a Lot!”

March 11, 2020

The Saffire is THE Best BBQ / Grill I Have Ever Had the Pleasure of Owning

It’s an amazing product! I cannot imagine not having this Grill to cook with. I have owned one for 7 years now. The engineers really designed this product to be user friendly as well as to have a long life. It’s probably the last BBQ / Grill I will ever have to purchase. I’m so… Read more “The Saffire is THE Best BBQ / Grill I Have Ever Had the Pleasure of Owning”

May 15, 2020



November 22, 2019

Saffire Products – Platinum 19 Blue

I have owned my Platinum series for about a year now. I love everything about it and having more fun cooking on it than I thought. Smoking (ribs), Grilling (my new favorite – Picanha) and high heat cooks like Pizza, the versatility is fantastic. I did a ton of research and found the Saffire to… Read more “Saffire Products – Platinum 19 Blue”

fromChula Vista
January 14, 2020

I Just Wish I’d Done it Sooner

September 14, 2020