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Barbeque Excellence

Refined, Versatile & Durable

Saffire Grills’ trusted design takes a huge step forward for BBQ grills, with the patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder Port and Crucible Firebox, plus extra thick, kiln-fired ceramics and heavy-duty hardware. Get unmatched quality with outstanding culinary results.

See why Saffire is the best, most versatile and durable kamado/barbecue on the market today!

Four pork shoulders are shown being smoked on two Saffire grills. One Saffire is a Medium size grill, and one is a Large size. Both grills have one pork shoulder on the Primary Cooking Grid, and one above that on the elevated Secondary Cooking Grid.
Cooking AdvantagesUnique Features
Adding smoking chips to your grill is easy with Saffire's patented Smokin' Chip Feeder, simply remove the Smokin' Chip Feeder port cap, insert the Feeder tool, and twist the tool slightly to make the chips slide in

Leading Innovation with the Patented Smokin' Chip Feeder

  • Add wood chips without opening up the grill
  • Smoke your food longer with less work
  • Clean and chip-free food

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Saffire's patented Crucible Kamado Firebox is shown. The Crucible firebox comes with these features: aluminized steel housing a firebrick liner, insulating air gaps for efficiency. Also shown is a removable stainless steel charcoal basket (with removable divider) and a huge lift-out ash pan

Revolutionary Crucible Firebox

Patent Pending

Saffire is the only ceramic grill to eliminate firebox breakage and add these major benefits with the amazing and innovative Crucible Firebox!

  • Most Durable
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Faster Starting
  • Greater Efficiency

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john delcollo

going to install this weekend look like saffire quality

1 year ago
Cathy G.

We love the extra cooking place and it's sturdy enough to hold a cast iron pan.

2 years ago

Quality built grill and the stainless is easy to clean in a coastal environment (no rusting). Grill cooks great and easy to maintain temperature. A great grill - highly recommend

2 years ago
Image #1 from Jesse W.Image #2 from Jesse W.Image #3 from Jesse W.Image #4 from Jesse W.
Jesse W.

I purchased the Saffire grill as a birthday gift for my wife to replace a small smoker that just was too small and took a lot of attention. I have only used it 3 times so far. The weather is too hot to smoke during the summer and I just use the gas grill for quick meals. I finally figured out how to regulate the heat and knew that it would take me a couple of days to cook everything I wanted. I cook a lot when I light up a fire because of the heat and will not do it unless it is really necessary. I used the lump charcoal they recommended and was glad I did. They cost more but burn a hotter and longer fire. I decided to purchase the second grid which made it easier. I cooked 2 briskets, 2 pulled pork, 2 slabs of pork ribs and smoked sausage after the fire was cooling down. It took all day each day, but I got it done and was very pleased with the results. I've never been able to smoke a brisket in the past and had given up. Now I will do them more often. I plan to smoke a couple of turkeys for Thanksgiving and expect them to be great. The grill is very easy to clean and I recommend you clean it after each use. I figured out how to catch the grease and that made the job even easier. If you are thinking about a smoker, you may want to consider the Saffire grill. It was worth the money to purchase it and I just wish I'd done it sooner.

3 years ago
Robert Harris

Great customer service!!!

1 year ago