Shipping Policy


  • Parcel/Small Package Shipment – A shipment of items that are small enough and light enough to go into a box or bag and ship via USPS Ground, FedEx Ground, UPS Ground, etc. Parcel shipments are usually placed by your front door when they are delivered, if not handed to you by the parcel delivery driver.
  • Freight/Truck Shipment – A shipment of large items that are too large or too heavy to be shipped by normal means. Freight only ships with a company that is specially equipped to handle such large items, for example: FedEx Freight, UPS Freight, etc. Freight shipments are not brought to your door or backyard, and the receiving party (that would be you, in this case) has extra responsibilities for receiving the shipment. Please see Receiving Freight Shipments below for details on what this entails.

General Shipping Details

Depending on your order’s weight and dimensions, it may either be considered a small parcel delivery, or a freight delivery. Saffire works with several shipping companies. When you order from our website, we hand your order over to them, on your behalf, for delivery.

Most orders will be shipped by FedEx. Please always provide us with an accurate street address for delivery. Larger items such as grills, and larger charcoal/wood orders may be freight shipments that will need to be shipped through a freight shipping company, or through a Saffire Dealer*. Some special orders may require 2 to 6 weeks depending on the item.

Saturday, Sunday, and major holidays are not considered regular transit days, however FedEx Home Delivery shipments may be delivered on Saturday at no extra charge. Delivery to rural or extended areas, special order, & freight shipments may take a few days longer to arrive. Please call (877) 314-7455 or your local Saffire Dealer* for details.

Small Package or Parcel Shipping Details

Parcel packages are the standard box shipments you know of that come to your door. With parcel shipments, Saffire must be informed within 21 days of delivery if an item has arrived damaged or missing. Please provide your invoice number from the packing slip, a photo of the damaged item, and a description of the condition of the package when received. Please send the proceeding in an email to

Truck Freight Shipping Details

Freight is a large item or items, usually put together on one wooden pallet. Various companies offer freight services, such as FedEx Freight, or UPS Freight. Freight is usually delivered with a semi-truck.

Receiving Freight Shipments

All freight shipments are delivered curb-side. When receiving a freight shipment, you are responsible for three additional things: inspecting your delivery for damage, signing for the delivery, and getting your shipment from the curb to the place where you plan to use it. Prior to delivery, the shipping company will call you to schedule a drop-off date and time. At the delivery appointment, the driver will require a signature to show that you have accepted the shipment as undamaged. Please inspect your shipment for damage before signing, see Damaged Freight Shipments below for more information on that. In addition, while some truck drivers are willing to help you move your shipment off of the curb, they have no obligation to do so. We recommend having help, or a dolly, or both, when receiving your shipment.

Damaged Freight Shipments
  • NOTE – All shipments should be inspected at the time of delivery. Do not sign for damaged shipments. Call us instead at 877-314-7455, as we may advise you to refuse the shipment.
  • If you are not sure how to receive a freight shipment, take a look at our How to Receive Freight Shipment checklist. We strongly recommend that you read and understand this form before your shipment arrives, or if you are planning on placing an order that will require freight shipping.
  • You are responsible for inspecting the shipment for any damage or missing parts. When a shipment is signed for, the consignee (meaning you) is accepting that the shipment is in good condition and that there is no damage. In that case neither the shipping company nor Saffire are liable for any damage.

ALL SHIPMENT SHOULD BE INSPECTED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY. DAMAGED PACKAGES SHOULD BE REFUSED. If delivered by freight, please contact the freight carrier using the phone number on the carrier’s bill. After contacting the carrier, please call Saffire Grill Co. at 877-314-7455 for further assistance with the damaged shipment. Please note, signing for your delivery without noting any damages, issues, or inability to inspect the delivery on the relevant paperwork legally states that you have received your freight in good condition and Saffire Grill Co. cannot be held liable for any damages or missing pieces. Additionally, leaving a note and/or instructions for the driver is the same as signing for your products in good condition. If you authorize the freight company to leave freight without a signature, Saffire Grill Co. cannot be held liable for any damages or missing pieces. If you do choose to sign for a visibly damaged shipment, please note on the relevant paperwork that you are signing for a damaged package; however, Saffire Grill Co. cannot be held liable for any damages or missing pieces that are accepted if you choose to sign.

Free Shipping

  • Free shipping applies only to orders that include a Saffire Grill and which is shipped to a final destination within the contiguous 48 states of the United States. Saffire Grill Co. reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.
  • All small package/parcel shipping charges are calculated based the shipping rate of FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, or based on the arrangement with a Saffire Dealer*.
  • Some large or heavy items (ie. Granite table tops) require additional shipping and handling charges due to the bulky nature of freight. If an item requires additional shipping and handling charges we will clearly mark this requirement on our website and in our catalog.
  • Saffire Grill Co. reserves the right to cancel the free shipping offer at any time.

*If delivered by a Saffire Dealer, Saffire Grill Co. is not responsible for any damages or missing pieces and you should arrange replacement or repair with the Saffire Dealer.