Food Editor and Writer Falls in Love with the Saffire Kamado

Before reviewing the Saffire kamado or his current profession as a food writer and editor, Bryan Sullivan was a private chef to high-end clientele in Naples, FL. He is a graduate of the New York Restaurant School and has judged BBQ and culinary competitions nationwide.

About one year ago, while editor of a barbecue magazine called Grilled, he was working on an article that included the testing and rating of different barbecue grills. It was then that he discovered the Saffire and it was love at first bite. After testing the grill he made it his own. Sullivan says that to date, he has cooked countless meals on it and that it continues to be a conversation piece at all of his parties.

Here’s How He Answered Our Questions:

1. What are some of the Saffire features you like most?

Sullivan: I love the wide range of temperatures that this grill can maintain – from really low smoking temperatures to extremely hot for searing. I also love the fact that it uses very little charcoal! The thick ceramics really keep the heat in and control it much better than other grills and smokers I’ve used.

2. What do you enjoy cooking on it?

Sullivan: I enjoy the combination of grilling and smoking the most. For smoking ribs, brisket or pork butts, I’m a big fan of anything cooked slow and low with a hint of smoke! Grilling on the Saffire is also superior because of the high heat that can be reached. Grilling thick cuts of steak is a breeze. I also like to smoke fish of any kind…salmon is my specialty. And, with the wood chip feeder I can add chips without opening the smoker. I really like that because during smoking, you’re looking, you’re not cooking.

3. Any tips for newbies when it comes to cooking on the Saffire?

Sullivan: At first, follow the directions on how to fire up the Saffire, then experiment. It’s good to develop your own style and learn how to use it. The learning curve is short because you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuation and flare-ups as much. Start out by grilling, then move on to slow and low BBQ and make sure to start cooking pizza. It’s the best! When people taste what comes off the Saffire they’ll be hooked just like me.


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