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A Tabletop Fire Pit Like No Other!
Ceramic – Smokeless – Multi-fuel – Indoor/Outdoor

Huge Advantages Over All Others
Safer Sidewall Temps. Avoids Burns!
Fired on Glaze Will NOT Discolor
7 times heavier and more stable



  • Wood, Pellets & Charcoal (Outdoors)
  • Gel Fuel (Indoors or Out)

Thick Ceramic Shell

  • Over 1/2″ (15mm) Thick!
  • Big Advantages over Steel Units
  • Safe Exterior Temperatures
  • Heavier and Wider; Resists Tipping
  • Fired-on Glaze Will not Discolor

Long Lasting

  • 304 Stainless Steel Parts
  • High Temperature Ceramics

Smokeless Design

By utilizing airflow to the fire and preheated secondary air, the smoke is burned most efficiently, producing both increased flames and reduced smoke emissions. Now you can gather in closer proximity to the fire without having to face all the smoke of a regular fire pit.

Beautiful, High Temperature Ceramics

Beautiful, high temperature ceramics adorn the Saffire Smokeless Fire Pit.
They are finished with a beautiful ceramic glaze that is fired on at over 2,000˚ F! The color and gloss of the glaze finish is extremely durable, easy to clean, and will not be discolored by the heat, as most others are.

Extra Thick Ceramics

3/4″ Extra thick Ceramics provide strength, durability and heat protection while also making the fire pit much more stable and resistant to tipping.

304 Stainless Steel Firebox

A 304 Stainless Steel Firebox, Top and internal components give the firebox excellent durability in the fire. 304 stainless steel is also very corrosion resistant which adds to its long-lasting durability all the way around.

Multi-Fuel for Using Indoors or Out

  • Outdoors: Burn charcoal or wood — sticks, chunks, chips or pellets — for a little, or a lot of flame!
  • Indoors: Use Gel Fuel cans (gelled alcohol).
    Also burn Bio Ethanol with Saffire’s optional Fuel Pan only.
    (Fuels are readily available online and in some stores.)

WARNING: Do not burn Wood, Pellets or Charcoal Indoors!