Saffire Griller Shares All

We recently interviewed Saffire Griller, Mike Lang, an Ohio resident and grilling aficionado. He has a well-followed blog: where he focuses on the adventures of backyard grilling, beer and photography and is the proud new owner of a Saffire Grill (number five in his collection). In fact, he liked the Saffire so much that he made a video about it and we’ve decided to ask him to make some more, along with the staff at Write Away, Inc. This dynamic duo will be sharing future recipes as well, so stay tuned!

Here is what Mike had to say about this new addition to his grill family:

How would you sum up this kamado-style grill in 5 words or less?

Lang: My all encompassing grill.

Did you find it easy to assemble?

Lang: Extremely. The instructions were detailed and almost all of the components were already completed. It was just a matter of building the support legs and dropping the cooker in place.

Who would you most recommend this to grill to?

Lang: Novices, more experienced cooks, etc. Why? The Saffire is suited for all levels of experience. Experienced cooks will love the quality and versatility. Newer cooks will have an incredibly forgiving cook piece that will introduce them to so much more than hamburgers and hot dogs.

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What are some items you have cooked on it so far? What were some of your favorites?

Lang: I’ve cooked everything from pork shoulder to brisket and steaks to fish. I’ve been really pleased with my roasted chicken and believe it or not, some great grilled chicken wings too.

What surprised you most about this grill?

Lang: It’s heat retention. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even after finishing a 9-hour cook and closing down all the dampers, it still took hours for the heat to dissipate. I’m using less fuel and taking far fewer trips to the grill to check on the fire.

What feature do you like best? Why?

Lang: The wood chip feeder. I can add wood chips to the fire without having to open the lid and let heat escape. It’s incredibly convenient and makes things much more efficient.

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What is the next item you plan to cook on the Saffire?

Lang: St. Louis-cut spare ribs.

You are very into food. Tell us about your blog.

Lang: is the journal of my backyard exploits in grilling, homebrew and photography. I call it my trifecta: something to eat, something to drink and something to remember it by.

Tell us about your involvement in the Saffire cookbook, video and your love of all that is BBQ.

Lang: For the last few months, I’ve been putting my Saffire through its paces while crafting recipes, shooting video and capturing images of the Saffire in action. The Saffire is one of five grills on my deck and I am continually amazed that at no matter what I’m cooking, I automatically drift towards it. Whether it’s a quick steak or some serious low and slow BBQ, the Saffire has amazed me every step of the way.

Originally posted by Sean Benson on Wednesday, September, 7, 2011


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