The Medium Kamado: What Makes It So Great?

The Medium Saffire is often overlooked when customers are searching for a Saffire kamado to buy, but there are many reasons not to count it out too quickly! For example, the Medium kamado is a great budget-friendly starter kamado grill. By not seriously considering the Medium when you’re looking to purchase your first (or second!) Saffire, you might be missing out. Let me explain.

This Medium Size Kamado is Really Spacious

We like to say that the Medium Saffire is great for easily feeding 4 or more adults. It’s true. The Medium Saffire offers 176 square inches of cooking space, so you can easily cook 9 burgers at a time on the main cooking grid. But with the Secondary Cooking Grid, now included with our Medium grills, you also get 130 square inches of additional space. All of that space adds up. With both grids in place, the Medium Saffire grill has approximately the same cooking space that the Large Saffire does on it’s main cooking grid. In other words, the Medium is a lower-cost option that still offers plenty of space!

9 Burger Patties on a 15″ Medium Saffire Kamado

A Budget Kamado, With High-End Quality and Features

One of the great things about Saffire’s Medium kamado grill is saving hundreds of dollars while maintaining the same heavy duty construction and most of the premium features of the larger models. If you ever need a larger kamado in the future, you can add on a Large or XL Saffire to your arsenal when necessary. Choosing a Medium Saffire kamado helps your budget, and ensures you aren’t purchasing a size larger than you need.

With the Saffire Medium, the savings come from the reduced size, not inferior quality. That’s what makes this a great deal for anyone looking for a great price, without sacrificing quality. Our Medium kamado grills enjoy the same warranty as our Large and XL models.

Two Pork Butts on a Medium Saffire at Left; Two More Pork Butts on a Large Saffire at Right

Extreme Versatility, with a Small Footprint

Unlike with other brands, you don’t need to choose between a small or a large kamado, trying to balance key features, like cooking space, with pricing. With Saffire’s Medium you can have the best of both. The Saffire Medium kamado offers lots of space with the included Secondary Cooking Grid, as well as our patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder port for easier smoking. A Ceramic Heat Deflector is included with the Medium, making it possible to grill, smoke and bake, just like with the larger Saffires. Extra-thick ceramics, super-strong tubular metal carts and heavy-duty hardware all come standard too. At the same time, the Medium saves you hundreds of dollars, takes up less space, and is 50 pounds lighter than the Large Saffire.

Personal-Size, Grilled, Homemade Pizzas
With a Saffire, You Can Grill, Smoke and Bake

Two are Better than One

Because they cost less, smaller kamados have the advantage of being more modular. You can purchase one now, and add another one later. This is a logical choice, because multiple Saffires give you extra flexibility. For example:

  • Extra Cooking Space – You can cook the exact same foods on two Saffires at the same time. This is like having one bigger Saffire, by adding the cooking space of both together.
  • Two Different Heat Zones for Different Foods – You can use one Saffire for searing and another Saffire for slow cooking, so there’s no time lost waiting for the temperature to change for a different mode of cooking.
  • Own Multiple Sizes for Different Situations – It’s easier to take a Small or Medium Saffire with you on a trip, or for tailgating, than it is to take a Large model grill. On the other hand, Large and XL Saffires can make bigger pizzas, ribs and Thanksgiving turkeys. Having one of both types makes it easier to do more with your Saffire.
  • Easier Access for Multiple Cooks – Multiple grills can be manned by one or multiple cooks. Husband and wife teamups, perhaps? Or one for the kids to learn with and do their own thing?
  • Two Locations or a Loaner – Going separate ways this weekend? One can stay at home and one can go with you on the road. Or loan one out to a friend, and still be able to cook out months later, because they need it to cook “just one more meal.”
The small, medium, large, and extra large Saffires are shown in a group.
Multiple Sizes for Multiple Cooking Options

So there are lots of great applications for the Medium Saffire. Save some money and start cooking your best barbecue now!


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