Multi-Level Cooking System
for Saffire Kamados

Multiple Layers of Cooking Flexibility

Saffire's new Multi-Level Cooking System allows you to cook food both at the top near the rim and down by the charcoal at the same time. It's no longer necessary to choose between cooking or quickly searing your food, or to always adjust your cooking grates halfway through your cook. With the two split grids, called the Multi-Grid, included in Saffire's new Cooking System, you have so many more options available to you!

Place food at the lower level, for intense, radiant, searing heat, or at the top level, further from the flames, for less intense temperatures and easy access to your food.

Left/Right or Front/Back Heat Zones

Half-grids may be arranged in either direction. Turn them one way to have the front or back of the cooking grate higher or lower. Turn them the other way to have the left or right side of the cooking grate higher or lower. Front and back, or left and right: it just depends on your personal preference. The choice is yours.

Saffire's Multi-Rack is shown with the Multi-Grid at the top of the rack and our Two-Piece Heat Deflector at the bottom for indirect cooking and smoking

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Excellent Temperature Control

Adding one or both of the ceramic deflectors from the Two-Piece Heat Deflector allows you to control the heat flow even more. Cook with indirect heat on one side of the grill, and direct heat on the other side! It's great for slow-cooking one food, while searing another. Also use it to create a slow-cook holding area, so you can first quickly sear your food, and then let it cook all the way through on the side.

Grill Head Render with Crucible, Multi-Rack, and Secondary Cooking Grid

Three Levels of Cooking

Additional grids may be added to cook on one and a half, or even two full levels. The Secondary Cooking Grid may also be placed on top of that to cook on three levels at the same time! Smoke or bake on three levels at once, or take out the heat deflector, half of the middle grid, and the Secondary Cooking Grid to sear on the bottom and cook at the top near the rim.