Best Built-In Kamado for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Saffire grills are excellent built-in kamados for your outdoor kitchen or BBQ island. With all stainless steel hardware, our revolutionary Crucible firebox, and patented Smokin' Chip Feeder port, Saffires make durabile, easy to use, and sleek looking BBQ island grills!

Why Choose a Saffire for Your Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island?

Stainless Steel is a Must for Outdoor Kitchen BBQ's and Smokers

Saffire's grill heads come with all 304 stainless steel hardware. This means they can handle the weather all build-ins are prone to suffer. 304 stainless steel is food grade and made of more nickle than 202 stainless steel, which serves to enhance its rust resistant properties. This is especially important in an ocean-side climate, where the air is salty and metals rust quickly! Between the protection of a grill cover, the rust-resistance of 304 stainless steel and the ultra durable ceramic body, a Saffire can be your longest lasting grill near the ocean! But besides all of that, stainless steel just makes our grills look great!

Why would you want to go through all the work of setting up a great outdoor kitchen, only to ruin the aesthetics with a simple-looking, powder-coated grill head that will rust within just a few short years?

19 inch platinum kamado grill head -- sapphire blue

Saffire Grills Fit Flush to Your BBQ Island Counter Top

The hinge on a Saffire is flat on the bottom and opens upward. This allows it to rest just above the surface of your build-in counter. Unlike many other brands which open downwards, Saffire's hinges don't need to be cut around or elevated high above the counter surface to make them work. We specifically designed the Saffire hinge with build-ins in mind.

A 304 stainless-steel hinge with hinge springs for opening large grills more easily
Saffire built-ins are more flush-fitting, easier to access the food, and look nicer. Big Green Egg built-ins are too high, hard to access the food inside, and don't look like they fit nicely with the BBQ counter or island.

Easily Add Smoking Chips to Your Built-In Grill

Saffires have always come with our patented Smokin' Chip Feeder port. This little port allows you to dump smoking wood chips into your Saffire smoker with ease, without lifting the lid while you cook. Just unscrew the Smokin' Chip Feeder port cap (be careful, it will likely be hot), slide the Smokin' Chip Feeder tool partway into the port, add wood chips to the tool, and then push the tool in and twist to dump the chips onto the burning charcoal. Instant smoke. It's that easy!

Adding smoking chips to your grill is easy with Saffire's patented Smokin' Chip Feeder, simply remove the Smokin' Chip Feeder port cap, insert the Feeder tool, and twist the tool slightly to make the chips slide in

Less Cleanup in Your Outdoor Kitchen, and It's Easier When You Do Clean

Many kamados still require you to scrape out used ash through a little ash vent at the bottom of the grill head. Others have little ash drawers that fill up really fast. Because regular ash cleaning is so important for the integrity of your grill, all of Saffire's Platinum Large and XL grills come standard with a Crucible firebox, charcoal basket, and ash pan! With our huge lift-out ash pan, you won't need to clean out the ash nearly as often. In addition, when you do need to clean out the ash, cleaning is as simple as lifting and shaking the charcoal basket, and then lifting out the ash pan and dumping the ash. Lift, shake, lift out, and dump.

Ash Pan and Charcoal Basket

Safely Grill on Combustible Surfaces

It's extremely important to have some form of heat shield between the bottom of your grill and any combustible surfaces. Saffire offers an innexpensive build kit for placing your Saffire on a combustible surface, such as a wooden table, which adds 1 1/2" of space between your grill and the surface beneath it. This kit adds two separate levels of air between your grill and the surface below, which greatly reduces the heat transfer between the bottom of the grill and what lies beneath. In addition, Saffire Platinum grill heads come with either an Ash Pan or an Efficiency Plate, both of which act as a heat shield inside the grill itself.

Alternatively, solid, noncombustible, materials can be placed between the combustible surface and the bottom of your Saffire, however in this case we recommend that surface be at least 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" in height to provide the heat resistance needed for safely using your grill at high temperatures.

A blue build kit consisting of a protective shield and red feet; lets you set a Saffire grill on a wood surface without the risk of burn marks

Saffire Build-In Dimensions

Medium Build-In Dimensions

Grill Hole Cut-out Size for Table Top:

  • 17 1/4" for wood/combustible top
  • 17" for non-combustible top
Medium Dimensions

Large Build-In Dimensions

Granite Table Top Size: 56" x 30"

Grill Hole Cut-out Size for Table Top:

  • 22 1/2" for wood/combustible top
  • 22 1/4" for non-combustible top
Large Dimensions

XL Build-In Dimensions

Granite Table Top Size: 56" x 34 1/4"

Grill Hole Cut-out Size for Table Top:

  • 26 1/2" for wood/combustible top
  • 26" for non-combustible top
XL Dimensions