3 Reasons Why a Kamado Rotisserie is a Waste

At Saffire, we sometimes get questions about why we don’t offer a rotisserie system. It’s true, we could sell rotisserie systems and make big bucks off of the hype surrounding them at the moment. There’s just one problem: we can’t think of any way our customers could benefit from owning a kamado rotisserie. For all of those who wonder, here are three reasons why you don’t want a rotisserie on your Saffire grill.

Reason 1: Kamado Rotisseries are a Waste of Space

First, and foremost, a Saffire doesn’t need a rotisserie attachment to cook meat evenly, from every angle, every time. Saffire’s are made of one-inch thick ceramic walls. The ceramic holds in the heat, radiating it back onto the food from every direction. This is why a kamado can be used like a convection pizza oven.

Two-Piece Heat Deflector on a Multi-Rack, with a Crucible Firebox shown below them
Heat Deflector Plate (Two Piece Version)

However, even in a Saffire the bottom of your food will get the most heat from the fire below, burning on the bottom first, if left unattended. The simplest solution to this is putting a heat deflector plate in, between the fire and your food. The heat deflector blocks the direct heat coming up from the fire, so it flows around your food. Now your food will cook from the convective heat inside your grill instead. This results in an even cook, every time, without a large, complicated kamado rotisserie system.

Top Sirloin Roast and Potatoes 1

Reason 2: A Kamado Rotisserie is a Waste of Money

Rotisserie systems cost money. We’re talking $160, or more, that you would need to fork out to get one. Rotisserie motors can break down too, especially if the food isn’t balanced on the spit correctly. In any case, we just wouldn’t feel right selling our customers something we don’t believe they need. Unfortunately, inexperienced users would fall prey to the idea that they need one, simply because we sell one. Taking money from customers because they don’t know better is not a service we want to offer.

Dollar Sign

In contrast, our heat deflectors sell at 1/4th the cost, or less, of a kamado rotisserie system, and include zero parts to maintain. At Saffire, we prefer to sell accessories that really do make your cooking better and easier, because that’s what innovation is. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.

Reason 3: Rotisseries Are a Waste of Time

Using a Rotisserie


Setting up a cook with a rotisserie system takes much more time and effort than with a heat deflector. These systems require electricity to turn, which means you need an outlet and an extension cord. You need to clean all of the various parts before your cook, as the spit will be going through the center of your food. Prep-time involves carefully cutting, binding and staking the food on the spit so it remains balanced and the spit will turn smoothly once it’s on the motor. After your cook is over, it takes additional time to take everything apart and clean it, as it will undoubtedly be greasy from your cook. The rotisserie system also requires extra storage space for putting the motor, forks, large spit, and any other rotisserie attachments away. That’s a lot of work for one day!

Using a Saffire Heat Deflector

Basted Turkey on a Grill
Turkey Cooking on a Saffire, with a Drip Pan and Heat Deflector (Not Shown) Underneath

A ceramic heat deflector from Saffire saves you time and effort. Remove the cooking grid first and place the heat deflector in the grill. Then put a drip pan on top of the heat deflector and replace the cooking grid. Your food goes on the grid, and you’re ready to cook! There is no special work required to balance the meat on any moving objects, and no electricity is needed. This easier system works equally well with almost any type of food you’re cooking, as long as all of the food fits directly over the heat deflector. Cleanup is simple too. Remove the food and eat. Later on, perhaps the next day, remove the cooking grid (careful, it may still be hot), remove the drip pan to clean or trash, and replace the cooking grid.

The Saffire Alternative

All you need to cook your food evenly is a heat deflector in your Saffire, which comes standard with all of our Platinum grills, and costs a lot less too. Slather, soak, or rub your favorite BBQ sauce or rub on your meat, and put your food on the cooking grid over the heat deflector. Getting those nice sear marks isn’t hard either: just remove the heat deflector to sear the food.

Four pork shoulders are shown being smoked on two Saffire grills. One Saffire is a Medium size grill, and one is a Large size. Both grills have one pork shoulder on the Primary Cooking Grid, and one above that on the elevated Secondary Cooking Grid.

While no other racks are really necessary for most large pieces of meat on the Saffire, we do have some available to help hold the meat or accommodate a larger quantity in the grill. See our Secondary Cooking Grid, Chicken Roasting Rack and also Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack for Large and XL grills.

For more on why not to get a rotisserie, see our post, “Joytisserie: The Best Reasons for Buying a Rotisserie for Your Kamado”.


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