Be Prepared:

Emergency/Survival Cooking with Saffire

Saffire kamados are one of the best utilities to have for cooking in an emergency, including long-term power outages and natural disasters. These kamados make great food with ease, and only need charcoal to work. They also come in small, portable sizes, and are durable enough to withstand years of use. If you are prepping for an emergency, you should seriously consider having at least one Saffire kamado around the house. (They're great for everyday survival too, like family dinner-time!)

Efficient, and No Electricity Required

Saffires make the best multi-fuel emergency appliances. All you need to cook on one is fuel (either charcoal or wood) and food. You don't need electricity, you don't need gas, and you definitely don't need a Bluetooth connection to regulate your grill's internal temperatures. That leaves you in complete control of your cook, even if the batteries you thought to store up for a disaster all die, or you just need them elsewhere.

A battery icon signifying battery power is at the half mark.

The great thing about a Saffire is efficiency. Rather than letting hot air constantly escape, much of the air is reflected off the dome and stays in the grill. Capturing this heat inside your ceramic Saffire results in a much more steady, evenly-distributed and efficient heat than conventional grilling. This is why a Saffire burns through fuel at approximately half the rate of a conventional grill, and can cook better too! When you're done cooking, it's easy to save even more fuel for later by closing the dampers to quickly and efficiently snuff out the fire. As far as prepping goes, it's a dream-come-true.

Two emergency candles are lit together on a wicker basket in a pitch-black room. A timer sits on the wicker basket near the candles, with the time set to 20 minutes and 16 seconds.

For disaster preparedeness, Saffire recommends all-natural lump charcoal. All-natural lump charcoal provides the best flavor, longest cooking, and greatest health for you and your family. However, for wood-smoked flavor, you can also use all-natural wood chips. (Both have a long shelf-life!)

Prepared to Cook Almost Anything, Really Well

Saffires can cook almost anything. You can grill, smoke and bake with a Saffire, making it the perfect, all-in-one survival cooking appliance.

A Grill, Smoker, Ceramic Oven and Roaster

A Saffire can cook all kinds of meat right on the cooking grid, including burgers, steaks, fish, chicken, spare ribs and pulled-pork. However, technically, anything you can cook in an oven you can also cook on a Saffire. That means bread, pizza, potato bakes, and even cookies! Simply turn down the heat and use a heat deflector (which comes with every Platinum Saffire grill), and you've got yourself a super efficient convection oven.

turkey burger with fries mexican rice and drink
2018 sca world championship daniel raeder cutting into a steak
grilled swordfish
crispy chicken breasts on a grill
basted ribs on a saffire roasting rack
pulled pork about to be smoked
braided holiday bread
grilled homemade pizza with ground beef green pepper and onions
grilled lobster
Innovative Cooking

Be adventurous and also try stove-top cooking on a Saffire at low-heat: try cooking beans, stir-fry, scrambled eggs, hash browns, clams and lobster in your ceramic oven! Saffires are the best grills for vegetarians too. You don't need to be limited to what will stay together on the grill grates, or even limited to meat; put a cast-iron pot or pan in there and make something great according to your palate!

Cook Anywhere Outside, Even on the Go

Kamados like Saffires are traditionally heavy grills. Our grills come with super-strong carts and heavy-duty caster wheels for greater maneuverability. However, Saffires, because they're made of the extra thick ceramics that make them such great utilities, still tend to be heavy. The best Saffire size to have depends on your needs and prepping style. Larger grills are great for feeding more mouths, while smaller grills are more portable, in case you need to go off the grid or leave your house during a natural disaster.

XL Grills:
Huge Cooking Capacity

The XL Saffire will feed the most people in less time, but is the least mobile, weighing in at 370 lbs. Purchase this size if you don't plan to take the grill very many places. It's great for every-day use, and in a real emergency, you could still move it to a secure location and cover it up with camouflage.

Saffire 23 Inch Platinum Kamado Grill -- Sapphire Blue
A closeup of the inside of a platinum 23 inch Saffire. The multi-rack system is shown
Large Grills:
Great Cooking Capacity; Slightly Portable

The Large is slightly more mobile than the XL (250 lbs). It is a middle-of-the-road grill. It's perfect for cooking out in your backyard, and much easier to take places than the XL if it ever becomes necessary. However, for easier travel, we usually recommend the Medium saffire.

Saffire 19 Inch Platinum Kamado Grill -- Sapphire Blue
Saffire's patented multi-level cooking system, for grilling and smoking at the same time
Medium Grills:
Medium Cooking Capacity; Moderately Portable

The Medium Saffire weighs 140 lbs. This lesser weight makes it easy enough for two people to lift and move it from time-to-time. If you have a big vehicle (like a van or truck), it's convenient for road-trips: just take the grill head out of the cart and pack it securely, and then you can either disassemble the cart, or keep it assembled, whichever you find most convenient.

A 15 inch, Platinum class, Sapphire Blue grill from Saffire; comes with stainless steel side-shelves and cart
saffire 15 inch cooking grid elevator on grill grate
Small Grills:
Highly Portable

For the best portability, the Small Saffire is king. Weighing just 90 lbs, it's easy for two people to lift, and easy enough for even a single person to carry. It's small enough to be packed in the backseat of a car, just make sure to pack it securely (such as with blankets). This grill is excellent for camping, or even if you need to bug-out in a hurry (just remember the charcoal!). Consider purchasing an all-terrain wagon for totting this little oven anywhere it needs to go.

A 13 inch, Platinum class, Sapphire Blue grill from Saffire
Saffire's 13 inch kamado has a 13 inch cooking diameter, and comes with a ceramic heat deflector

Which size is best for preppers? It really does depend on your situation. If you need to feed more mouths and plan to bunker-down in your home, the XL grill will be the optimal kamado for you. On the other side of the spectrum, if you want to be able to stay as mobile as possible, the Small Saffire would be best. Then there are in-between options, which aren't so big that they're a huge challenge to move by vehicle, and also not so small that they'll keep you cooking all day to feed your large family. In any case, we do suggest you have a Saffire prepped and ready to go as part of at least one of your contingency plans.

Most Durable, Longest-Lasting Grill Available

Saffire grills are so durable, all our grills come with a limited lifetime warranty on the grill head ceramics and internal ceramic parts*. That's how much we believe in the durability of our products! All Saffires come with extra-thick ceramic walls. Our carts are designed with ultra-strong cart construction, are under a 7+ year warranty and include two solid locking casters. We offer (and recommend) our Platinum series, which features 304 stainless steel for the longest grill durability. Finally, our super-durable Crucible firebox, which comes with all new Large and XL grills, highly reduces the likelihood you will ever need to file a warranty claim (but we're here if you do). Bottom line: Saffire is the best, most durable kamado appliance on the market, which is key in an emergency.

* the firebox and fire ring

A closeup of the inside of a platinum 23 inch Saffire. The multi-rack system is shown
The small, medium, large, and extra large Saffires are shown in a group.
Saffire's bronze Crucible Kamado Firebox for use in kamado grills. Includes aluminized steel shell, lined inside with 2700 refractory firebrick. Also includes a firegrate for holding charcoal, and a gigantic ash area beneath. The Crucible is made more efficient with an insulating air gap between the shell and the firebricks. The best firebox for ultimate durability!

Something for Everyone, Not Just Preppers

Saffire has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are worried about floods, tornadoes or hurricanes, whether you need to hunker down at home, or bug-out, try a Saffire! It doesn't really matter if you are a prepper, a camper, a host or hostess, a mom or dad in a small or large family, or you just really like great food, this is the grill for you.

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