Be Prepared:
Emergency/Survival Cooking with Saffire

The Saffire Ceramic Grill and Smoker is one of the best utilities to have for cooking in an emergency, including long-term power outages and natural disasters. Saffire kamados can cook an amazing array of all types of food with ease using charcoal or wood. They also come in small, portable sizes, and are durable enough to withstand years of use. If you want to be prepared for an emergency situation, you should seriously consider having at least one Saffire kamado around for all the reasons shown below. The Saffire is not only good for surviving but also thriving with outstanding performance in high-temp grilling, roasting, slow smoking and also baking. (Yes baking! And especially pizza!) It is one of the most durable, versatile and best all-around cookers available for all foods and all occasions.

It is a combination of multiple, important features and abilities that give Saffire a unique advantage over other grills and cookers.

High Efficiency

One big advantage of the Saffire is the high efficiency. Thick, multiple layers of ceramics, and a tight gasket seal drastically reduce both radiant and convective heat loss. This gives you multiple advantages in cooking all types of food:

Saffire High-Efficiency Advantages

  • Big reduction (up to 70%) in charcoal/wood needed for cooking (with lid closed).
  • Extended cooking times (18+ hours) on one load of charcoal.
  • Holds even temperatures – less time monitoring the grill.
  • Controls and stops flare-ups.
  • Minute air-flow preserves moisture in food.
  • Safer exterior temperatures.

More Saffire Advantages

  • No electricity needed.
  • Uses commonly available fuel.
  • Unmatched cooking versatility from: ceramics, design, patented features and set-up configurations.
  • Compact design takes up minimal space while still offering large cooking capacity.
  • Extreme Durability and Longevity from:
    • Very low chance of needing to replace key operational parts, especially with Crucible Firebox.
    • Major portion of grill is ceramic with no corrosion. LIFETIME WARRANTY.
    • Extremely resilient and durable, fired-on ceramic glaze finish for beauty and longevity.
    • Platinum Series features all 304 Stainless Steel hardware for the lowest possible corrosion and a very long life expectancy. LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Lump charcoal burns inside of a Crucible Firebox. Older, whitened charcoal can be seen beneath a new layer of new, black charcoal, with flames leaping up from the bottom layer.

No Electricity Required

Saffire makes the best multi-fuel emergency appliances. All you need is charcoal or wood. You don’t need electricity, you don’t need gas, and you definitely don’t need a Bluetooth or Internet connection to regulate your grill’s internal temperatures. That leaves you in complete control of your cook and able to divert your batteries and electrical or gas resources to other needs. In fact, all types of cooking, from toaster to microwave to range or oven, all require a significant amount of electricity or gas that may be unavailable or in limited quantities during emergencies.

A battery icon signifying battery power is at the half mark.

Compare to Other Grills and Cookers

Concerns with Pellet Grills

  • Electricity needed to operate the circuit board controller, ignitor, auger and combustion fan.
  • Will not operate without electricity.
  • Electrical parts are vulnerable and difficult to replace if marketplace or transportation is compromised.
  • High fuel consumption that is multiplied in cold weather.

Concerns with Gas Grills

  • Significant supply of gas needed.

  • Uses a large amount of air causing low efficiency.

  • Large thin exterior shells also cause very low efficiency.

Concerns with Standard Charcoal Grills

  • Thin exterior shells cause low efficiency and higher fuel usage, and lack the radiant properties of ceramic.

  • Almost universally more difficult to set up for indirect, convective cooking, and usually lacking in multi-level cooking versatility.

Concerns with Charcoal Smokers

  • Usually have thin, uninsulated and very large exterior shells, causing low efficiency and very high fuel usage.

  • High fuel consumption that is multiplied in cold weather.

Concerns with Other Kamado Type Grills

  • Typical interior fireboxes are highly vulnerable to breakage.*

* Saffire’s Crucible Firebox is the only one that has a higher density, higher-temperature firebrick liner that is completely encased in high-temperature Aluminized-Steel to prevent any structural failure.

Fuels (in order of preference)

  • Natural Lump Charcoal
  • Natural Wood Charcoal Briquettes
  • Charcoal Briquettes (all shapes)
  • Wood Chunks
  • Seasoned or Dry Wood in all Forms
  • Wood Chips (primarily for added flavor)

Fuel Saving

The Saffire uses much less fuel than most cookers for the reasons mentioned above. Then when you’re done cooking, it’s easy to save even more fuel for later by closing the dampers to quickly snuff out the fire. Quite a bit of charcoal will usually remain for the next time you cook.

Lighting a grill-safe fire starter square with a long-nosed lighter.

Cooking Versatility - Anything and Everything

The benefits of its efficiency definitely give the Saffire a high level of control, performance and versatility. The Saffire’s versatility is also greatly enhanced by its ability to produce either intense radiant heat for grilling and searing, or indirect, convective heat for roasting and smoking via the ceramic Heat Deflector.

There is also a lot of vertical space in the grill so you can have room for up to three levels of cooking. By using the half-round sections of the Heat-Deflector (19” & 23” models) you can also create different left-and-right heat zones.

All of this is why your Saffire can be easily configured to cook all different types of food extremely well.
It’s the perfect, all-in-one survival cooking appliance.

A Grill, Smoker, Ceramic Oven and Roaster

A Saffire can cook all kinds of meat right on the cooking grid, including burgers, steaks, fish, chicken, spare ribs and pulled-pork. However, technically, anything you can cook in an oven you can also cook on a Saffire. That means bread, pizza, potato bakes, and even cookies! Simply turn down the heat and use a heat deflector (which comes with every Platinum Saffire grill), and you’ve got yourself a super efficient convection oven.

Innovative Cooking

Be adventurous and also try stove-top cooking on a Saffire at low-heat. Try cooking breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns or pancakes. Or make beans, stir-fry, clams or lobster in your ceramic oven! Saffires are the best grills for vegetarians too. You don’t need to be limited to what will stay together on the grill grates, or even limited to meat; put a cast-iron pot or pan in there and make something great according to your palate!

Cook Anywhere Outside, Even on the Go

Though the heavy duty construction of our grill and smoker makes the larger versions fairly heavy, our super-strong carts and heavy-duty caster wheels give them great maneuverability. The compact design allows them to be transported fairly easily. The ceramic portion may be lifted right out of the cart and placed in the vehicle. The smaller sizes are even more portable if easier mobility suits your needs. The small 13” model has carrying handles built-in rather than a rolling cart.

XL Grills:
Huge Cooking Capacity; Some Portability

The XL Saffire has a large cooking capacity with up to 1,090 square inches of cooking surface over three levels. That’s equivalent to an 18” x 60” rectangular area! The best for cooking multiple types of foods at once. It weighs near 300 lbs. The grill may be handled in separate components to make transportation easier. The ceramic head lifts out of the cart and the inner firebox and grate may also be lifted out to make it easier to handle.

Large Grills:
Great Cooking Capacity; Fairly Portable

The Large is great for having good capacity to cook for several people as well as being fairly easy to transport. It weighs 200 lbs and can also be handled in multiple components to lighten the load.

Medium Grills:
Medium Cooking Capacity; Quite Portable

The Medium Saffire weighs 140 lbs. This lesser weight makes it quite easy for two people to lift into a vehicle for transport. As with the the 19” & 23” you may lift the grill head out of the cart and handle them separately to fit into a vehicle easier.

Small Grills:
Highly Portable

The Small Saffire was built with portability in mind. 90 lbs, weight. Easily carried by two people with the built-in handles. May also be carried by one strong person. It’s small enough to be packed in the backseat of a car. This grill is excellent for camping, or even if you need to bug-out in a hurry (just remember the charcoal!).

Most Durable, Longest-Lasting Grill Available

Saffire grills are so durable, all our grills come with a limited lifetime warranty on the grill head ceramics and internal ceramic parts*. That’s how much we believe in the durability of our products! All Saffires come with extra-thick ceramic walls. Our carts are designed with ultra-strong cart construction, are under a 7+ year warranty and include two solid locking casters. We offer (and recommend) our Platinum series, which features 304 stainless steel for the longest grill durability. Finally, our super-durable Crucible firebox, which comes with all new Large and XL grills, highly reduces the likelihood you will ever need to file a warranty claim (but we’re here if you do). Bottom line: Saffire is the Most Durable, longest lasting grill in its category. And just about anywhere!

* the firebox and fire ring

The small, medium, large, and extra large Saffires are shown in a group.

Make Your Own Charcoal?

Here at Saffire we’ve heard rumors of people using kamados to make their own charcoal. That sounds like a great idea to us! Saffires, being kamados, have the ability to burn wood hot, and then starve the fire of oxygen for a quick cool-down, preserving the carbon in the wood. We’ve never tried it ourselves, but we believe it could work. It would require the use of two grills, one for cooking and one for charcoal-making, or, optionally, scrubbing out your grill’s internal parts with a rubber brush to remove all the creosote (a cancer-causing build-up from the wood fumes) after each charcoal-making grill-out.

The bottom Line…
Saffire is best for BBQ all the time. Not just emergencies.

You won’t want to store it away, waiting for an emergency.
You are going to want to use your Saffire all the time because,
for all the reasons listed above,
it is the best way to barbecue!

See even more advantages you get when you cook with the Saffire ceramic Grill here.

One thing about your Saffire is that you will not want to store it away waiting for an emergency. You are going to want to use your Saffire all the time because, for all the reasons listed above, it is the best way to barbecue!

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