Information About Saffire Grills

What’s Included with the Saffire Grill?

Every Saffire Grill includes the ceramic dome and base, steel hardware (bands, hinge, top temperature control, patented chip feeder port, ash door) internal parts (firebox, cooking grid rack, cooking grid, and, in some cases, a fire ring too), temperature gauge, and accessories (heat deflector and ash tool). Ask your Saffire dealer what specials they have available on additional accessories, carts, wood tables, etc.

How Much Does a Saffire Grill Cost?

Pricing can be found at your local dealer, or on the Saffire Store page.

Which Grill Size is My Grill?

We have four grill sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL.
– The Small, or 13″, has a 13″ inner diameter, as measured at the rim of the grill.
– The Medium, or 15″, has a 15″ inner diameter, as measured at the rim of the grill.
– The Large has between a 18 and 19 inch inner diameter, as measured at the rim of the grill. We do have several generations of Large grills, so the Large is not quite as clear-cut as our other sizes. The SG22 and the SG18 (the older generations) will have less than a 19″ inner diameter, an oval clip-in Smokin’ Chip Feeder cap and a rectangular Smokin’ Chip Feeder port. The 19″ will have a 19″ inner diameter, a circular screw-in Smokin’ Chip Feeder cap and a circular Smokin’ Chip Feeder port. To tell the difference between the SG22 and the SG18, please send us a photo of the front of your grill, with the camera level with the handle, and ask us which grill it is.
– The XL, or 23″, has a 23″ inner diameter, as measured at the rim of the grill.
Every part and accessory is labeled with the size of your grill. So if you have a Medium, you should be looking for Medium parts and accessories. SG18 and SG22 grills, being older-generation Larges, have specific parts and accessories, found here.

How Does Local Delivery for Online Orders Work?

The Saffire website serves as the online sales portal for Authorized Saffire dealers in the continental United States. If there is a dealer in your area with your order in stock, they will fulfill your online Saffire orders by offering local pickup or delivery. All you have to do is specify local delivery in the notes on your order and we will arrange for your local dealer to deliver your grill to your doorstep.

How Do I Become an Authorized Saffire Dealer?

Do you want to sell the best kamado on the market? Fill out our contact form and our Sales Team will contact you shortly.

What is a Saffire Dealer Service

Saffire is a specialty kamado for specialty buyers at a bargain price. Dealerships can be confident that Saffire customer service will support them and their customers. If you have any questions about our dealer service, please contact us for details.

What is the Difference Between a Bronze and a Silver, or Platinum Saffire?

All Saffire grills have the same ceramic components. The difference between the classes is the hardware.

A Bronze Saffire comes with powder coated steel bands, hinge, and a cast iron top temperature control. Bronze Saffire carts are powder coated steel.

A Silver Saffire comes with 304 stainless steel bands, hinge and top temperature control. Silver carts come in 202 Stainless steel. Read about why 304 stainless steel is better than the rest here.

Platinum Saffire grills include a 304 stainless handle and the Platinum carts are 304 stainless steel with 304 stainless steel side shelves. Sapphire Blue Saffire grills come exclusively in Platinum Class.

What are the Most Useful Accessories/Parts to Upgrade To?

That’s a good question. Here is what we often see customers purchase, and what we believe are the most useful products. We’ve organized them by order of importance (in our opinion).

1. Ash Tool (Comes with All Grills)
2. Heat Deflector (Comes with All Platinum Grills)
3. Multi Rack (Comes with All Large and XL Grills) — See “Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill” below for sizing information
4. Crucible Firebox (Comes with Large and XL Grills)
5. Smokin Chip Feeder (Comes with All Platinum Grills)
6. Wood Chips/Chunks & Charcoal
7. Secondary Cooking Grid
8. Grill Cover
9. Upgrades for Handles & Side Shelves — Bamboo to stainless steel upgrades
10. Pizza Stone
11. Grid Lifter
12. Rib/Roast Rack
13. Chicken Rack
14. Wireless Remote Thermometer
14.a. Maverick Thermo – Radio connection.
14.b. Auber Instruments Thermo  Wi-Fi___33 Connected to App on Phone.  AC Power (No Bluetooth or battery) 2 probes.
14.c.  Wi-Fi___33 + Bluetooth + built in Battery + up to 6 probes.
15. Saffire Mounting Plate for Wireless Thermo — Fits: Auber, Fireboard, Flame Boss

What are Your Most Popular Products?

When you are on our Store page, you can sort the items that come up for you by popularity. Just click on the sort drop-down list near the top of the page and choose how you want to sort the products shown.

However, here are some quick access links for simplicity’s sake.

Most Popular Accessories
Most Popular Parts
Most Popular Grills

What Kind of Food Can I Cook with a Saffire?

The type of food you can cook on a Saffire are virtually endless. Here are some ideas to consider.

On the Cooking Grids: Baby Back Ribs, Spare Ribs, Brisket, Pork-Butt, Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Chuck, Flank Steak, Beefsteak, Tri-Tip, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Lobster, Clams, Oysters, Salmon, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Cod, Herring, Stripped Bass, Tuna, Swordfish, Mackerel, Leg of Lamb, Lamb Shoulder, Rabbit, Any Kabobs, Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Quail, Whole Potatoes, Carrots, Zucchini, Squash,

In a Cast-Iron Pan: Ham, Bacon, Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Omelet, Toast, Stir-Fry, Pasta Casserole, Lasagna, Potato Bake, Pancakes, Fries

In a Pot: Soup of Any Kind, Rice, Beans

Parts and Maintenance

How Do I Maintain My Saffire Grill?

Your Saffire Grill is a high performance machine, capable of cooking from 150-750 degrees Fahrenheit. Regular contraction and expansion across a wide temperature range could occasionally require maintenance. Periodically check your nuts for tightness and adjust. Check your temperature gauge and probe, and interior components. If you have any questions, contact Saffire Grills through our Contact page.

How Do I Clean My Saffire Grill and Ceramic Accessories?

– Remove your ash on a regular basis to maintain proper air flow.
– Use high heat, 500° to 550° F, for around 30 minutes to burn off the grease and smoke buildup (creosote) from the internal ceramic components and accessories. Note that cooking at 500° F or hotter from time to time will do to keep your grill clean.
– Ceramic components and accessories can be scraped with a plastic brush or scraper (not a wire brush). Regular cleaning is not necessary.
– It is a good practice to occasionally clean your chimney top. You can carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth before it fully cools to remove grease build-up on the outside. We recommend wearing gloves while doing so. Stainless steel chimney tops can be taken off and hand-washed with a non-chlorine dish detergent degreaser in hot water. This will prevent grease build-up, which can prevent it from opening or closing when it cools.
– You can wipe your Saffire grill down with a terry cloth or microfiber towel to spruce up the exterior. Lemon Pledge works nicely to shine up the exterior of your Saffire. Be sure to wipe all the pledge free of your grill before starting the grill.
– Periodically remove your internal components to clean out any pieces of lump or ash from around the firebox or fire ring.
– We suggest using a stainless steel or copper wire brush on your grids before you cook. Get the grill hot (500° F) for 5 to 10 minutes to burn off food leftovers. Brush the grids, close the lid and slow the grill down with the Air Controls. Finally, a good way to finish cleaning and prepare the grid for food is to wipe it with a cloth soaked with vegetable or olive oil. You can use your grill brush to aid in the application. A small piece of cloth will normally stick to the wire brush quite well. Do this just before putting food on the grill. This also helps to remove any bristles that may have been left on the cooking grid from the brush, which can be dangerous if swallowed.

My Gasket is Separating from My Ceramic Grill. How Do I Replace It?

Contact your local Authorized Saffire dealer for replacement gasket. If you do not have an Authorized dealer near you, you can order from us here.

I Came Out to My Ceramic Grill and Noticed a Chip in the Paint. What Do I Do?

Contact your local Authorized Saffire dealer for touch up paint. If you do not have an Authorized dealer near you, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

Why are There Hundreds of Tiny Cracks in My Grill’s Paint?

What looks like tiny cracks in your Saffire’s paint is called crazing. Crazing happens on a vast majority of ceramic products. There can be less crazing when firing at lower temperatures and using lower gloss glaze coatings. But it is especially bound to occur at the high temperatures we fire the Saffire ceramics at. This is a subject of appearance, not a functional issue and not something that will in any way become worse over time. The glaze coating is permanently fused to the ceramics and will not crack unless it is damaged by external impact.

The coating is a kiln fired glaze that is fused to the ceramics and not just a painted or coated enamel finish. After firing, the glaze becomes so hard that it is similar to glass. So it is partly resistant to scratches (unlike steel or painted grills) and the glaze will not lose its color or luster like the paint on a car will. No one will ever have to polish and wax the ceramics on their Saffire to restore color. So the benefits of a glazed surface are very high. But the benefits will be accompanied by some minor blemishes. While we make durability our first priority, the Saffire glaze cosmetic appearance has also always been comparatively good.

How Can I Keep My Firegrate in Good Shape?

For grills with fire grates that hold the charcoal in the firebox, never let the ash build up enough to reach the fire grate. Cutting off some of the air from the bottom of the charcoal makes it burn insanely hot, which can permanently damage your fire grate.

You should check the ash level before each cook, and remove it if it’s building up.

I Have an Older-Model Saffire. How Do I Find Replacements for Old Parts?

If you have Saffire’s original SG22 or an 18″ grill, try looking under the 18″ store category. Otherwise. here is a quick reference list that might help you find parts for older grills.
Ceramic Firebox — Being replaced by the Crucible Firebox (Large and XL only so far)
Ceramic Fire Ring — Being replaced by the Crucible Firebox (Large and XL only so far)
Large-Only Heat Deflector — Replaced by the Large Two-Piece Heat Deflector
Old Primary Cooking Grid — Being replaced by the Multi-Grid (requires Multi-Rack; Large and XL only so far)
Cooking Grid Elevator — Being replaced by the Multi-Rack (Large and XL only so far)
XL-Only Multi-Level Adjustable Rack — Replaced by the Multi-Rack
Rectangular Smokin’ Chip Feeder Tool — Replaced by the round Smokin’ Chip Feeder tool, which fits in the newer round Smokin’ Chip Feeder port
Bamboo Handle Replacement Kit, Large — Replaced by either the Platinum Rod Handle, or the Bronze Rod Handle
XL Ultra Torsion Hinge Spring — Replaced by multiple Large hinge springs on the new XL model

My Chimney Top/Damper Is Stuck Shut. What Should I Do?

Grease build-up can cause your chimney top to stick. If you have a stainless steel chimney top, try to tap around the chimney top plate to see if you can pop it free from the grease. Heating up the chimney top will help liquefy the grease and free up the top plate.

You may want to clean the chimney top from time-to-time. The easiest method is to carefully wipe it down with a soft cloth before it fully cools after a cook, to remove any excess grease build-up on the outside. Stainless steel chimney tops can also be taken off and washed by hand in the sink using chlorine-free dish detergent, water and a non-abrasive cloth. If that doesn’t help, contact us using our contact form.

How Do I Upgrade My Side Shelves?

If you just want to replace your bamboo side shelves with 304 stainless side shelves, you can check out this guide.

I Have Another Question about Parts and Maintenance

Please check out this page, which highlights general grill use topics, including those found in your manual. If you can’t find your answer there, please contact us.

Using My Saffire Grill

Do I Need to Season My Saffire Grill Before I Start Cooking

No. Your Saffire Grill does not need seasoning or “breaking in.”

What Sort of Fuel Should I Use in My Saffire?

Natural Lump Charcoal is the best. Natural lump charcoal burns cleanly with very little ash production. As its name suggests it is all natural wood turned into charcoal. Many types of briquettes are composed more of coal (fossil fuel, out of the ground) than natural wood species. See more info on charcoal here.

Should I Use Lighter Fluid to Start My Charcoal?

Saffire does not recommend using lighter fluid to light your charcoal. Lighter fluid chemicals leave a residue that requires several high temperature non-cooking burns to clear away. Lighter fluid usage also voids your warranty.

Why Should I Use a Heat Deflector?

A heat deflector is designed to block flames from touching the food on your Saffire cooking grid(s), converting your Saffire grill into a “smoke-only” smoker, and is included with every Saffire grill.

Your Saffire grill’s design and construction also provides you with superior air control and the flexibility to smoke “low and slow” without a deflector for a more flame-kissed flavor. Try both styles and pick your favorite!

How Can I Get My Saffire’s Temperature in the “Searing” Range (450-750)?

Saffire’s superior air control allows tighter temperature control without relying on external “bells and whistles.” Air flow is the key. Adjusting your top and bottom vents controls the air flow through your Saffire grill. See the Saffire Manual page 11 for details on suggested settings. Also…

Make sure you have enough lump charcoal in your firebox. Think about your Saffire Grill as a controlled camp fire. What kind of fire are you trying to build? Arrange the lump in your firebox to build a big fire, and fill the firebox to the brim. Visit the Saffire video page and watch the How to Light your Saffire Grill video for details on lighting.

Check to see if your fuel is dry. Think of lump charcoal like you would wood. Wood can hold moisture in even when it looks dry. The same is true of lump charcoal. Make sure you store your charcoal away from the elements, preferably in an air tight, sealed container.

Clear the air holes in your firebox of leftover lump or ashes to ensure proper air flow.
Take a look at your temperature gauge. Contact the Saffire team if it is not reading correctly on the grill or after the “boil test”.

Make sure not to let your grill get too hot. Also see “How Hot is Too Hot for My Saffire?”

How Hot is Too Hot for My Saffire?

The temperature gauge at the top of your grill should tell you how hot your grill is. There shouldn’t be any need to let the grill get hotter than 700° F. For the safety of your grill and internal components, we recommend cooking at or below the 750° F level. Never let your grill exceed 900° F. This is for your own safety, as well as for the safety of your grill.

How Often Should I Clean out the Ash?

You should check the ash level before each cook, and remove it if it’s building up.

For grills with fire grates that hold the charcoal in the firebox, never let the ash build up enough to reach the fire grate. Cutting off some of the air from the bottom of the charcoal makes it burn insanely hot, which can permanently damage your fire grate.

Will Extreme Outdoor Temperatures Hurt My Grill?

No. Your Saffire grill is solidly built for you to enjoy Grilling, Smoking, and Baking whatever the temperature is outside. Do not pour water in your Saffire to put out your fire. That could cause it to crack and will void your warranty.

However, if you have bamboo side shelves, we do recommend either covering them up or taking them off and storing them in a dry location when you aren’t grilling. This will prevent a moldy/mossy build-up on the wood surface.

Do I Need to Buy a Grill Cover?

Your Saffire grill is a high quality, top performance machine built for the outdoors. Grill covers are usually not necessary. If your grill will consistently be in contact with harsh chemicals like chlorine (from being right next to a hot-tub, for example [which we do not recommend]) or salt (from being used near the ocean), we do suggest a cover. Otherwise, covers simply reduce the need to clean the exterior of your grill from the elements. Note that you can also optionally cover your grill with a tarp. Make sure your grill is cool before covering to avoid condensation build up, which can potentially cause mildew on ceramic parts.

However, please note that if you have bamboo side shelves, we do recommend either covering them up or taking them off and storing them in a dry location when you aren’t grilling. This will prevent a moldy/mossy build-up on the wood surface.

Can I Place My Saffire on a Combustible Surface?

Saffire recommends using a Build Kit on combustible surfaces. The Build Kit’s ceramic feet and stainless steel shield create an air buffer between the base of your Saffire grill and the combustible surface to prevent scorching or ignition. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SAFFIRE OPEN AND UNATTENDED to avoid igniting combustible material or overheating your grill (1000+ degrees dome temperature). Review any local regulations regarding the placement of outdoor grills, smokers, cookers, etc. DO NOT USE INDOORS except when approved for commercial use.

How Do I Add Wood Smoke with the Patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder?

It’s time to get smokin’! Unscrew the cap (aka “bellybutton”) on the chip feeder port. Load your chip feeder with the wood chips of your choice. Slide the chip feeder into the port and rotate it to dump the chips. Remove the chip feeder. Screw the cap back on. Now you’re in business!

What is the Round, Stainless Steel Plate that Came with My Grill?

This is your Efficiency Plate. Peel the white cover off your Efficiency Plate and put it below your firebox at the very bottom of your Saffire grill, feet down. The air between the plate and the bottom of your Saffire creates a buffer that helps your grill hold heat for long cooks better than any other kamado on the market!

I’m Moving. How Do I Transport My Grill?

Here is how you can transport your grill, even if it’s an XL.

First remove the internal components and Side Shelves:

– Take the Side Shelves off, wrap them in padding and put them in the transport vehicle.
– Lift out the Cooking Grid and support rack and set them aside.
– Lift out the Ceramic Fire Ring and place it in the vehicle.
– Lift out the Ceramic Firebox and place it inside the Fire Ring.
– Put the support rack and cooking grids right on top of the Firebox and Fire Ring.

Now remove the grill head from the grill cart. You can use gloves or padding to lift the grill by the side shelf brackets​, or one person can grab the hinge and the other person can hold it by the air control at the bottom. Lift the Grill out of the cart and place it in the vehicle. Put the cart in the vehicle as well. You can put the interior components back in the grill if you need the space.

Finally, make sure there is padding and/or support around the grill in case someone slams on the brakes or pops a wheelie on the way. You should also ensure that the firebox isn’t sitting on any edge, like a seat, unsupported.

This is how we do it (although we usually avoid doing those wheelies).

I Have Another Question about Using My Saffire

Please check out this page, which highlights general grill use topics, including those found in your manual. If you can’t find your answer there, please contact us.

Warranty and Registration

How Do I Register My Saffire Grill?

Just complete the registration form here.

How Do I Submit a Warranty Claim?

If you’re a customer and you want to submit a warranty claim directly to us, please fill out the customer warranty claim form found here. If you are a dealer filing the claim, please use the dealer warranty claim form on the same page.

Not every field needs to be filled out, but the more information you can give us, the better we can serve you. Please remember to include proof of original purchase if you have it (such as a receipt, credit card statement, or check register with check #, date, and price shown).

My Firebox Cracked. What Do I Do?

It can be scary to see a crack. It’s important to know that cracks relieve the stress of your firebox’s repeated expansion and contraction. They do not affect your grill’s performance. You may continue using your firebox until it no longer supports the fire ring.

If the firebox breaks, please fill out our warranty claim form. Not every field needs to be filled out, but the more information you can give us, the better we can serve you. Please remember to include proof of original purchase if you have it (such as a receipt, credit card statement, or check register with check #, date, and price shown).

What is the Warranty on Saffire Grills?

Please review the warranty here.

What is the Warranty on Wood Tables?

Saffire offers a 1 year warranty on wood tables for manufacturer’s defects that inhibit the function of the table. Cosmetic defects are not under warranty.

Older Parts (Backwards Compatibility)

Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?

The Multi-Rack will fit all XL grills, and almost all Large grills. If you have a Large grill from before 2018, you may need to sand around the inside of the rim for the multi-rack to fit nicely. If your grill measures 19″ from rim to rim (or in other words, from one side to the opposite), it should fit without any sanding. If your grill measures 18 ¾” from rim to rim, sanding will be necessary. Note that the Multi-Rack won’t fit inside of an SG22. If you have an SG22, you should not purchase a Multi-Rack.

You can use a metal file or even sandpaper to sand around the inside rim of your grill. You shouldn’t need to file any more than a quarter of an inch around the edge, and it’s okay if filing takes off some of the gasket seal too. More information can be found here.

I Have an Old Cooking Grid Elevator. Will the New Heat Deflector and/or Cooking Grid Work with That?

The short answer is yes, you just need to flip the Elevator upside down. If you want more information, see here.

Does the New Crucible Firebox Work with My Old Saffire?

The Crucible itself will fit inside all of our XL and Large grill sizes. However, Large grills require a Multi-Rack instead of the triangular Cooking Grid Elevator when you put a Crucible inside them. This is because of the height difference between the ceramic firebox and the Crucible, the Crucible being the taller of the two. If you have an older-style Large grill, either an SG18 or an SG22, read on to see what to do.

If you have an SG18, the Crucible will fit, but in some cases you may need to file off the inner rim of the grill to get the Multi-Rack to sit nicely inside. Please also see “Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?” for more details.

If you have an SG22, the Crucible will fit, but you will need to continue using an older-style triangular Cooking Grid Elevator. While the SG22 will fit a Crucible firebox by itself, it has trouble fitting the multi-rack in also, because the SG22 is too short to accommodate the extra height of the Crucible with the Multi-Rack. We recommend purchasing the Crucible for an SG22, but please let us know you own an SG22 so we can make proper accommodations before shipping it out.

If I Upgrade to the Crucible Firebox, Do I Need the Multi-Rack?

If you are still using an older-style Heat Deflector, you may get by if you bend the elevator legs out so it can stand on the Crucible. However, we do recommend you get the new Multi-Rack, which was designed to sit on top of the Crucible, and to work with the new Multi-Grid and Two-Piece Heat Deflector.

Please also see Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?


How Should I Receive My Grill (Freight) Shipment?

Please read and print this form. Then, once your grill arrives, follow all four steps on the form to check for shipping damage. If you find shipping damage, please read our answer to the question “Help! My Grill/Part Came Damaged! Now What?”

Help! My Grill/Part Came Damaged! Now What?

Grills—If you ordered a 15″ or larger grill (a freight shipment) and the box is damaged, please do not sign the shipping paperwork. Doing so is signing off on the shipment as undamaged. Instead, open the box, take photos of the damage, reject the shipment, and then fill out our shipping claim form.

Other—If you ordered parts or some other small-to-medium product, you won’t need to sign for your package. Just open the box and check for any damage. If you find any, please fill out our shipping claim form.

Do You Ship Nationwide in the US?

Pretty much. We will ship to the entire continental US. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, the Florida Keys, or other locations that are not part of the continental US. You can also look up your nearest Saffire dealer here.

Do You Ship to Canada?

We will only ship to the Ontario and Quebec provinces of Canada. You can also try your nearest Saffire dealer.

Do You Ship to Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Etc.?

We do not ship new grills outside of the continental US and certain provinces in Canada. Instead, please get in touch with your nearest Saffire dealer. However, if you have a Saffire that needs replacement parts and you can’t get them through your local dealer, please fill out our warranty claim form and we will get back to you about your options. (Please note, though, that shipping outside of the US and Canada can be quite expensive.)