Kamados – Is There a “Wrong Cut” for Your Kamado Grill?

Thick-Cut Burgers Sizzling on a Kamado Grill

Selecting the best cuts of beef for grilling

Believe it or not the answer to that question is yes. But it’s not what you think. Saffire Kamados are perfect for any cut. It really depends on what you are making and the time frame you have allowed yourself. Some cuts of beef are naturally tender, cook quickly and work well with high-heat cooking. Other cuts are not so tender. These cuts need low temperature and time, a combination that will tenderize the toughest cut.

Homemade Burgers Grilling on a Kamado
2018 SCA World Championship - Grilling a Steak for Looks

Kamados Are Versatile

Humans have been grilling their food for millennia. One of the oldest styles of grills is the kamado. Originating in ancient Asia, this style of grill is a ceramic vessel that holds the coals and radiates heat. The modern Saffire Kamados have several advantages over the standard backyard grill. Primarily, the ceramic vessel holds heat and stores heat in such a way that makes temperature control more accurate and dependable.

Low and Slow in a Ceramic Smoker

Several cuts of beef are perfect for slow roasting. Top rounds, chuck roasts and even ribs are on the list. Really, any large cut of beef would do well, with or without smoke added. For these cuts, lower temperature is key. Using the Saffire as a smoker grill is great for low temperature cooking. The unique features of this grill allow for precision temperature control. Imagine a London broil, rubbed lovingly with your favorite spices, slowly smoke roasted at the perfect temperature for an hour or two. The long slow cooking allows the flavors to mingle and the smoke to gently seep into the mix. Ribs are another ideal choice for low and slow smoking on this ceramic smoker. Time, low temperature and the right mop will melt those ribs right off the bone!

Ribeye on a Kamado

Steaks! What Smoker Grills Are For, Right?

For tender cuts like steaks, grilling is the key. The temperature is higher, cooking quickly without burning. This is when it’s time for rib eyes, filets, strip steaks and kabobs! Saffire kamados are also perfect for this. The ceramic bowl insulates and distributes heat so well that every inch of grilling surface is even and gets that flame-kissed flavor that makes steaks so good. Thinner, not necessarily smaller, is the idea when choosing beef for grilling. The temperature used means the steak will only be cooked on each side a few minutes. A personal favorite of mine is a giant chuck steak, about three inches thick. A little salt and pepper is about all you need to make this an awesome dish. Kabobs are another good choice. Any cut of beef, cut in cubes, can be used.

Filet Mignon on a Kamado Grill

Filet Mignon is also fantastic! The Saffire ceramic grill can reach much higher temperatures than conventional charcoal grills. It can sear filet as well as the finest steak house. The high heat sears the outside to a perfect crust and drives deep inside to warm the center to a perfect medium rare.

Fillet Mignon

The Right Cut

Conclusion: Saffire kamados makes any cut of beef the right cut. The versatility and precision temperature control make it easy to cook any cut from the tenderest filet to the toughest rump roast.


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