The Revolutionary Crucible Firebox

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Saffire's patent-pending crucible firebox provides all these advancements for kamado cooking.

  • Rated up to 2,700°F (1,000° Higher!)
  • Eliminates Structural Failure
  • Huge Ash Capacity
  • Easier and Faster to Start
  • Quick removal of Ash or Charcoal with Stainless Basket Grate
  •  Easy and clean lift-out Ash Pan

(Comes with 19” Large Models Only)

Eliminates Structural Failure
Four Ways!

  • 12-piece brick design relieves thermal stress.
  • Saffire brick is rated 1,000° higher than ceramic.
  • Outer Shell made of Aluminized Steel
    • (High thermal and corrosion resistance)
  • Even if a brick should crack it has no effect!
    • (The shell holds them tightly in place and
      also prevents any air leakage.)

In any case, individual bricks can be easily replaced.

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New Enlarged Shape = More Benefits

  • More Charcoal Capacity for longer cook times.
  • Huge Ash Capacity for far less cleaning.
  • Double the Grate Area of other kamado grills!
  • Air space between brick and shell provides insulation for less charcoal use and longer burn.
A charcoal basket for holding charcoal; allows you to easily drop the ash into the ash pan with a few shakes; comes with a removable divider

304 Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket/Grate

  • Easily remove the charcoal from your grill
  • Removable divider - holds charcoal to one side.

Saffire’s Double Size Grate Area Gives You:

  • Faster starting a large bed of coals for grilling.
    Air now flows to entire bed of charcoal.
  • Quick Shake to release ash into the pan.
    No more tedious raking of ash down through grate.
    (Typical bowl shape and small grate of others greatly restricts the flow of ash down to the bottom of the grill)

Huge Lift-Out Ash Pan

  • Enormous size holds ash from several fires.
    (A small ash pan needs to be cleaned out virtually every time you cook)
  • Insulating air gap under Pan provides even more efficiency and safer temperatures on bottom.
  • Quick and easy to lift-out and dump the ash. No more digging ash out through the air control!

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Perhaps the single greatest improvement ever made for kamado and charcoal grill ease of use, cleaning and durability!

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