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Using My Saffire Grill

No. Your Saffire Grill does not need seasoning or “breaking in.”

You should use Natural Lump Charcoal to cook on your Saffire Grill. Natural lump charcoal burns cleanly with very little ash production. Charcoal briquettes are composed of wood byproducts, nitrates, anthracite coal, petroleum products, etc and using them will void your warranty.

Saffire does not recommend using lighter fluid to light your charcoal. Lighter fluid chemicals leave a residue that requires several high temperature non-cooking burns to clear away. Lighter fluid usage also voids your warranty.

A heat deflector is designed to block flames from touching the food on your Saffire cooking grid(s) converting your Saffire grill into a “smoke-only” smoker, and is now included with every Saffire grill.

Your Saffire grill’s design and construction also provides you with superior air control and the flexibility to smoke “low and slow” without a deflector for a more flame kissed flavor. Try both styles and pick your favorite!

Saffire’s superior air control allows tighter temperature control without relying on external “bells and whistles.” Air flow is the key. Adjusting your top and bottom vents controls the air flow through your Saffire grill. See the Saffire Manual page 11 for details on suggested settings. Also…

  1. Make sure you have enough lump charcoal in your firebox. Think about your Saffire Grill as a controlled camp fire. What kind of fire are you trying to build? Arrange the lump in your firebox to build a big fire, and fill the firebox to the brim. Visit the Saffire video page and watch the How to Light your Saffire Grill video for details on lighting.
  2. Check to see if your fuel is dry. Think of lump charcoal like you would wood. Wood can hold moisture in even when it looks dry. The same is true of lump charcoal. Make sure you store your charcoal away from the elements, preferably in an air tight, sealed container.
  3. Clear the air holes in your firebox of leftover lump or ashes to ensure proper air flow.
  4. Take a look at your temperature gauge. Contact the Saffire team if it is not reading correctly on the grill or after the “boil test”.

No. Your Saffire grill is solidly built for you to enjoy Grilling, Smoking, and Baking whatever the temperature is outside. Do not pour water in your Saffire to put out your fire. That could cause it to crack and will void your warranty.

Saffire recommends using a Build Kit on combustible surfaces. The Build Kit’s ceramic feet and stainless steel shield create an air buffer between the base of your Saffire grill and the combustible surface to prevent scorching or ignition. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SAFFIRE OPEN AND UNATTENDED to avoid igniting combustible material or overheating your grill (1000+ degrees dome temperature). Review any local regulations regarding the placement of outdoor grills, smokers, cookers, etc. DO NOT USE INDOORS except when approved for commercial use.

It’s time to get smokin’! Unscrew the cap (aka “bellybutton”) on the chip feeder port. Load your chip feeder with the wood chips of your choice. Slide the chip feeder into the port and rotate it to dump the chips. Remove the chip feeder. Screw the cap back on. Now you’re in business!

This is your Efficiency Plate. Peel the white cover off your Efficiency Plate and put it below your firebox at the very bottom of your Saffire grill, feet down. The air between the plate and the bottom of your Saffire creates a buffer that helps your grill hold heat for long cooks better than any other kamado on the market!

Your Saffire grill is a high quality, top performance machine built for the outdoors. Grill covers are not necessary, but oftentimes reduce the need to clean the exterior from the elements. Make sure your grill is cool before covering to avoid condensation build up.

The 23″ XL Saffire grill originally came with a cooking grid and heat deflector similar to the one that came in the 19″ Large Saffire grill. The new deflector is a two piece half moon heat deflector for zoned cooking. The cooking grid can be flipped so the triangle portion rests closer to your charcoal with the legs of the elevator sticking up. The deflector pieces will rest on the metal triangle and the cooking grid will rest on the 3 feet of the cooking grid elevator arms. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 877-314-7455.


Until June 2016 the 23″ XL Saffire included the same Cooking Grid Elevator as the 19″ Large Saffire. However, the heat deflector comes in two pieces for zoned cooking. To use this in with the Cooking Grid Elevator, flip the elevator so the triangle is closer to the fire with the 3 legs sticking up. Place the pieces on the triangle and your cooking grid on the 3 feet of the elevator legs. Now you’re ready to smoke!

If you have any questions, please call us at 877-314-7455.

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