Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?

The Multi-Rack will fit all XL grills, and almost all Large grills. If you have a Large grill from before 2018, you may need to sand around the inside of the rim for the multi-rack to fit nicely. If your grill measures 19″ from rim to rim (or in other words, from one side to the opposite), it should fit without any sanding. If your grill measures 18 ¾” from rim to rim, sanding will be necessary. Note that the Multi-Rack won’t fit inside of an SG22. If you have an SG22, you should not purchase a Multi-Rack.

You can use a metal file or even sandpaper to sand around the inside rim of your grill. You shouldn’t need to file any more than a quarter of an inch around the edge, and it’s okay if filing takes off some of the gasket seal too. More information can be found here.

I Have an Old Cooking Grid Elevator. Will the New Heat Deflector and/or Cooking Grid Work with That?

The short answer is yes, you just need to flip the Elevator upside down. If you want more information, see here.

Does the New Crucible Firebox Work with My Old Saffire?

The Crucible itself will fit inside all of our XL and Large grill sizes. However, Large grills require a Multi-Rack instead of the triangular Cooking Grid Elevator when you put a Crucible inside them. This is because of the height difference between the ceramic firebox and the Crucible, the Crucible being the taller of the two. If you have an older-style Large grill, either an SG18 or an SG22, read on to see what to do.

If you have an SG18, the Crucible will fit, but in some cases you may need to file off the inner rim of the grill to get the Multi-Rack to sit nicely inside. Please also see “Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?” for more details.

If you have an SG22, the Crucible will fit, but you will need to continue using an older-style triangular Cooking Grid Elevator. While the SG22 will fit a Crucible firebox by itself, it has trouble fitting the multi-rack in also, because the SG22 is too short to accommodate the extra height of the Crucible with the Multi-Rack. We recommend purchasing the Crucible for an SG22, but please let us know you own an SG22 so we can make proper accommodations before shipping it out.

If I Upgrade to the Crucible Firebox, Do I Need the Multi-Rack?

If you are still using an older-style Heat Deflector, you may get by if you bend the elevator legs out so it can stand on the Crucible. However, we do recommend you get the new Multi-Rack, which was designed to sit on top of the Crucible, and to work with the new Multi-Grid and Two-Piece Heat Deflector.

Please also see Does the Multi-Rack Fit My Grill?