How Should I Receive My Grill (Freight) Shipment?

Please read and print this form. Then, once your grill arrives, follow all four steps on the form to check for shipping damage. If you find shipping damage, please read our answer to the question “Help! My Grill/Part Came Damaged! Now What?”

Help! My Grill/Part Came Damaged! Now What?

Grills—If you ordered a 15″ or larger grill (a freight shipment) and the box is damaged, please do not sign the shipping paperwork. Doing so is signing off on the shipment as undamaged. Instead, open the box, take photos of the damage, reject the shipment, and then fill out our shipping claim form.

Other—If you ordered parts or some other small-to-medium product, you won’t need to sign for your package. Just open the box and check for any damage. If you find any, please fill out our shipping claim form.

Do You Ship Nationwide in the US?

Pretty much. We will ship to the entire continental US. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, the Florida Keys, or other locations that are not part of the continental US. You can also look up your nearest Saffire dealer here.

Do You Ship to Canada?

We will only ship to the Ontario and Quebec provinces of Canada. You can also try your nearest Saffire dealer.

Do You Ship to Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Etc.?

We do not ship new grills outside of the continental US and certain provinces in Canada. Instead, please get in touch with your nearest Saffire dealer. However, if you have a Saffire that needs replacement parts and you can’t get them through your local dealer, please fill out our warranty claim form and we will get back to you about your options. (Please note, though, that shipping outside of the US and Canada can be quite expensive.)