Easy Smoking on a Kamado Grill

Adding Smoking Chips to a Kamado Smoker

Ingenious and Unique Smoking Chip Feeder

With any true BBQ cooking, time is of the essence. The method usually involves low temperatures with slow cooking. And with most barbecue grills, smokers or outdoor cookers, when you open the lid, heat escapes. Most BBQ can take several hours at low temperatures to cook properly for tender, juicy results. Smoking meats requires adding wood to the fire to produce smoke. Adding chips usually involves opening the lid, thus adding more time to the cooking process.

Save Time and Produce Delicious BBQ

One of the main concerns people have about smoking food at home is that it takes more time and attention. That’s not the case with the Saffire Grill for multiple reasons. Because of the efficiency of the ceramics you won’t have to reload your charcoal even after smoking for 14+ hours. With the small amount of airflow your temperature fluctuates very little. Plus, you use less fuel to create the same delicious results.

Adding smoking chips to your grill is easy with Saffire's patented Smokin' Chip Feeder, simply remove the Smokin' Chip Feeder port cap, insert the Feeder tool, and twist the tool slightly to make the chips slide in

How It Works

The Saffire Grill has a simple, yet unique features The Smokin’ Chip Feeder. The base of this ceramic smoker has an access port to load chips in without opening the lid of the ceramic smoker/grill. This access port has a screw-in, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel cover to seal the chip feeder access port.

Once the smoker is filled with lump charcoal, the fire is going and food is loaded into the Saffire, you’re ready to start adding wood chips. With the stainless steel wood chip feeder, adding wood chips has never been so easy. Follow these easy steps and get smokin’!

Have you seen Saffire’s lump charcoal, or our selection of wood chips? Click here!

  1. Place the chips into the front half of the chip feeder.
  2. Remove the cover of the access port on the front of the grill.
  3. Slide the portion of the chip feeder with chips into the grill through the port.
  4. Turn the chip feeder to dump the chips onto the coals.
  5. Remove the chip feeder and close the access port.
  6. Repeat as need

See the Smoking Chip Feeder here.

Saffire has many different kinds of wood chips available to suit every need. Hickory, Oak, Apple, Cherry, Alder, Maple, etc. Now you can add smoke flavor to all your BBQ without increasing your cooking time. And, you don’t have to worry about placing your hands over or near the fire. BBQ like the pro’s, safe and easy, with Saffire!


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