Red Mountain BBQ Saffire Demo (German)
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Red Mountain BBQ Saffire Demo (German)

Mein Keramikgrill (Red Mountain BBQ), der Saffire Silver Edition Red Mountain BBQ: Lange Zeit habe ich mich um das Thema Keramikgrill gedrückt, bzw. ich fand es einfach nicht sonderlich interessant.…

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Saffire Griller Shares All

We recently interviewed Saffire Griller, Mike Lang, an Ohio resident and grilling aficionado. He has a well-followed blog: where he focuses on the adventures of backyard grilling, beer and…

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BBQ Championship for MooCowBBQ

BBQ Championship winner Shane Petzold of MooCowBBQ got his Saffire Grill this past February and we asked him how it's going. "The first time we took it out was for…

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