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Saffire Kamado – Medium Ceramic Grill and Smoker

Offers Saffire’s smoking and grilling advantages at a great price! Grill, smoke and bake for 4 or more with the Medium Bronze kamado grill and smoker. With the Smokin’ Chip Feeder port and tool, you can easily add smoking chips whenever you need them. Small enough to easily fit in…

Saffire 15 Inch Bronze Kamado Grill -- Onyx Black

Saffire Platinum Kamado – Medium Ceramic Grill and Smoker

The perfect grill for those wanting top-of-the-line quality, in a compact size and a great price too! Excellent for grilling, smoking and baking for 4 or more, the Medium ceramic Saffire grill joins kamado grilling excellence and pocketbook satisfaction. Not only does this ceramic grill come at a nice price,…

A 15 inch, Platinum class, Sapphire Blue grill from Saffire; comes with stainless steel side-shelves and cart

The Medium Kamado: What Makes It So Great?

The Medium Saffire is often overlooked when customers are searching for a Saffire kamado to buy, but there are many reasons not to count it out too quickly! For example, the Medium kamado is a great budget-friendly starter kamado grill. By not seriously considering the Medium when you’re looking to…

Ten chicken breasts of various sizes are cooking on a Medium Saffire kamado, six on the Primary Cooking Grid, and four on the elevated Secondary Cooking Grid above.

Grill Thermometer & Temperature Control

The Auber Grill Thermometer/Temperature Control is an easy to manage unit that uses a blower to control and maintain the temperature in your Saffire grill and smoker. Set the temperature you want your grill to maintain and let the smart controller/blower keep the grill in line. Simple and easy to…

The Auber control/thermometer shows the current grill temperature. It includes one sensor for the grill grate.

WiFi Grill Thermometer & Temperature Control to/from Your Phone

Monitor and control your grill temperature, right from your smart phone, with the Pitmaster Thermometer! Includes the thermometer, three temperature probes and draft fan for full temperature control! Thermo / Control Mounting Plate sold separately.

The Auber control/thermometer shows a pit probe temperature, and two food probe temperatures. The desired pit temperature is set to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saffire Platinum Kamado Grills with Stainless Steel Hardware

Saffire Platinum Kamado Grillswith Stainless Steel Hardware A Whole New Level of Quality And Innovation Grill – Smoker – Pizza Oven 3 Cookers in 1 Discover the Ancient Art of Ceramic Cooking With State-of-the-Art Barbecue Features Key Take-Aways #1 Best Seller 304 Stainless Steel Hardware – Rock-Solid Durability Amazing Warranty:…

Bronze Grills

XL An extra-large grill for serious barbecue capacity. The Multi-level cooking system allows you to cook on one of two different levels. Or half and half. With two optional cooking grid levels you can have up to three levels to cook on at once. That is equivalent to a rectangular…

LED BBQ Grill Light

Maverick LED BBQ Grill Light Clamps to Grill Handle, Patio Umbrella etc. 10 Super Bright LED Bulbs 3 AA Batteries Included

The GL-320 Maverick grill light has a screw-down clamp on the end so you can attach it to a grill handle; comes with two LED lights sources, and a touch-sensitive on and off button on the top