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Offers Saffire’s smoking and grilling advantages at an extremely low price! Grill, smoke and bake for 4 or more with the Medium Bronze kamado grill and smoker. With the Smokin’ Chip Feeder port and tool, you can easily add smoking chips whenever you need them. Small enough to easily fit in a van or truck bed, yet big enough to make ribs, turkey or brisket! Save $50’s worth on the included free accessories. This is the economical choice as a first kamado for a small to medium-sized family!

  • Warranty: Limited LIFETIME Warranty on Grill Head Ceramics! 7-Year Limited Warranty On All Powder-Coated Components.
  • Smoking Chip Feeder: Saffire’s Smokin’ Chip Feeder Makes Adding Smoking Chips Simple and Mess-Free
  • Free Accessories: $50’s Worth of Accessories Included!

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The Medium Saffire is a great ceramic kamado grill for small families on a budget! With 176 in2 of cooking space, there is plenty of room to cook for 4, or up to 5, adults. Plus add an additional 130 in2 with the optional Secondary Cooking Grid, for a whopping 306 in2 of cooking space in this economy-sized kamado grill and smoker! The Medium Saffire comes with a Smokin’ Chip Feeder port, Smokin’ Chip Feeder tool, and single-piece Heat Deflector, so it’s easy for a family on a tight budget to get smoking right away. The most versatile grill for a low cost! Grill T-bone steaks, veggies and burgers. Bake pizza, pot pies and smokey cornbread. Smoke ribs, chicken thighs and bacon.

Saffire makes smoking a breeze. Pellet grills and other metal smokers are hard to maintain the right temperature with. Open the lid and it takes minutes to get back to the right temperature. With Saffire’s extreme insulative properties, you can smoke even in freezing temperatures without a problem! In addition, it’s so easy to add more smoking chips while you cook with our patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder tool, we suggest just skipping the old method of carefully soaking and putting them in before you start up your fire! Add a few whenever you want them for a burst of smoked flavor!

Features Included

  • Medium 15″ Bronze, Onyx Black Grill with Cart – SGUB15-CGOB/KSC
    Heavy Duty Ceramics with always-in-style, black fired-on glaze.
    Includes power-coated cart.
  • Medium 15″ Ceramic Firebox – SGZUC15-CFB
    Standard single-piece ceramic kamado firebox.
  • Medium 15″ Ceramic Fire Ring – SGZUC15-CFR
    Standard ceramic kamado fire ring firebox extension.

Accessories Included ($60 Value)

  • Patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder – SGES-SCF
    Easily and safely add wood chips for smoking.
  • Ceramic Heat Deflector – SGES15-HD
    Provides indirect, convective heat for smoking and roasting. (No rotisserie needed!)
  • Ash Cleaning Tool – SGES-AT
    Clean the ash out of your grill via the Ash Vent.
    Use to tend the charcoal via the Chip Feeder Port when smoking.
    For general poking of hot things and annoying guests.

Additional information

Weight 139.45 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 32 in



Black, Blue


Ceramic, Powder Coated



Grill Head Height


Grill Head Width


Grill Head Depth (Handle to Hinge)


Minimum Opening Clearance (Hinge to Furthest Open Position)


Smokin' Chip Feeder Port Diameter


Cooking Area Diameter


Primary Cooking Area

176 (sq. in.)

Secondary Cooking Grid Area (opt.)

130 (sq. in.)

Total of Both Cooking Levels

306 (sq. in.)

Rectangular Equivalent of all Cooking Levels

15" x 20"





Assembled Height - Closed


Assembled Height - Open



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