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Pellet Grill Vs Saffire

Which BBQ is Best for You? Pellet Grill VS Pellets are Less Refined The wood that is in pellets has not been through the charcoal process that removes a lot of the unwanted and unpleasant compounds. More of these compounds are present in the additional flames and gasses of burning…

Kamado Build-In Kit – Heat Shield for BBQ Islands and Grill Tables – Sapphire Blue

For those with a grill table, counter, or island. This Build-in Kit easily holds a Saffire grill inside! Use for safely grilling with your Saffire on, or above, a combustible surface! Includes three ceramic feet to elevate your grill, along with a stainless steel heat shield plate to block the…

A blue build kit consisting of a protective shield and red feet; lets you set a Saffire grill on a wood surface without the risk of burn marks

Saffire Portable Kamado – Small Ceramic Grill and Smoker

Enjoy an excellent grilling and baking experience with this perfectly sized kamado grill for two! Comes with a sturdy, 304 stainless steel stand for carrying the grill, and two handles on each side make it easy to tote the grill as a team. Weighing in at just 90 lbs, this…

A 13 inch, Platinum class, Sapphire Blue grill from Saffire

Grill Cover – for Saffire Kamado in Cart

A heavy duty, UV resistant vinyl cover, embroidered with a Saffire logo. Perfect fit for a Saffire in a cart.

Saffire's grill covers are made with heavy duty UV resistant vinyl, and designed with a patented ventilation system

Saffire Platinum Kamado – Medium Stainless Steel BBQ Island Grill

The perfect grill for those wanting top-of-the-line quality, in a compact size and a great price too! Excellent for grilling, smoking and baking for 4 or more, the Medium ceramic Saffire grill joins kamado grilling excellence with pocketbook satisfaction. (Now includes the Secondary Cooking Grid, for 74% more cooking space…

15 inch platinum kamado grill head -- sapphire blue

Saffire Platinum Kamado – Large Stainless Steel BBQ Island Grill

Grill, smoke and bake for 8 or more! The Large Platinum Saffire kamado can cook almost anything you can dream up. Cook burgers, ribs, pizza, clams, lobster, potatoes, smoked veggies, and more! Includes all of these amazing features: Warranty: Limited LIFETIME Warranty on Grill Head Ceramics and External Stainless Steel…

19 inch platinum kamado grill head -- sapphire blue

Saffire Platinum Kamado – XL Stainless Steel BBQ Island Grill

Make a masterpiece for your family or guests to enjoy! With a 23” diameter cooking area, excellent temperature control and indirect cooking, you’re guests will love all the smokey, juicy meats and other foods that come out of this grill! Warranty: Limited LIFETIME Warranty on Grill Head Ceramics and External…

23 inch platinum kamado grill head -- sapphire blue

Platinum 304 Stainless Steel Kamado Grill Handle

304 stainless steel handle for use with any Medium, Large, or XL Saffire grill.

A fully 304 stainless-steel handle; highly rust resistant