A Quick and Easy Recipe for Saffire Hot Wings

Juicy Chicken Wings, Ready to Serve

It’s tailgating season, and one of the staples of any Grillmaster’s BBQ party is the hot wing. Our Saffire Road Show crew has spent the last year perfecting the Saffire Hot Wing recipe for us to share with you. Give it a try, take some pictures, and let us know how it goes on our Facebook page.


  • Chicken Wings – 1 to 2 dozen
  • BBQ Sauce of choice (The Saffire Road Show crew uses Jack Daniel’s Grillin’ sauce)
  • Chicken Rub – as needed (The Saffire Road Show crew uses Weber’s Kickin’ Chicken)
Basted Chicken Wings


  • Fire up the grill with lump charcoal (preferably Saffire’s All Natural North American Hardwood Mesquite flavored lump charcoal) until the temperature reaches 250 degrees.
  • Wash and dry the chicken wings and separate at the joint with a boning or chef’s knife.
  • Coat the chicken wings with dry rub and/or seasoning and place on the grill
  • Add your preferred smoking hardwood chips with Saffire’s Smokin’ Chip Feeder
  • Smoke to 165 degrees internal temperature. Temperature can be measured using a digital pen style or remote thermometer (The Saffire Road Show uses both, including the Maverick offered by Saffire here).
  • Remove wings and prepare to glaze with BBQ sauce. *Optional (The Saffire Road Crew will doctor up the BBQ sauce with 1 oz of Jack Daniel’s bourbon mixing thoroughly before glazing the wings).
  • Remove your heat deflector and increase your grill temperature to 350 degrees.
  • Return your glazed wings to the grill turning at approximately 3 minutes until the surface browns and the sauce caramelizes.
  • Plate your hot wings and serve!

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