kamado smoked brisket

Kamado Smoked Brisket in a Ceramic Cooker

By John Guevara | July 21, 2017

Kamado Smoked Brisket One of the most challenging meats to smoke is brisket, but the use of a Saffire ceramic smoker makes all the difference. As a BBQ Smoker the Saffire provides the ideal setting for achieving those low and even temperatures that are needed to prepare the perfect brisket. When coupled with natural lump […]

Steak Tacos

Some Super Saffire Steak Tacos

By John Guevara | September 26, 2016

On very special occasions, my Dad would make arrachera steak on the grill. I remember him marinating it for hours and filling my tortilla with hot steak and cheese topping everything off with my mom’s homemade “chile” salsa. I haven’t tried grilling arrachera in years. Every attempt tasted fine, except for being a little tough. […]

A Kamado Steak Night

By John Guevara | September 19, 2016

If you’ve seen our Facebook page in the last year, it focuses on kamado grilling on the Saffire. It is loaded with beautiful posts for wonderful meals cooked on every size and class of Saffire Grills. We modified this recipe from a cook done by Saffire’s own Southeastern Territory Manager, Pete Lee. Pete has almost 40 years […]