Patented “Smokin’ Chip Feeder”
(System with Tool & Access Port)

Stocking the hot charcoal with the ash cleaning tool through the smokin chip feeder port, without opening the Saffire

Easily add wood chips, small chunks and sticks for smoke flavor without opening the cooker.

No other Kamado gives you all this versatility

  • Add wood chips when ready so they do not burn up prematurely.
  • Cooking Grids do not need to be removed to add wood chips.
  • Add wood for smoke even when Ceramic Heat Deflector is in place.
  • Wood chips do not get in the food or stuck in the grate.
  • Hands are not exposed to the fire.
  • Heat is not lost by opening grill - cooking cycle is not interrupted.
  • Sturdy, Stainless Steel Feeder Tool is also handy for adjusting charcoal, breaking up ice cubes and defending your surf & turf etc.
  • Feeder Port Hole is handy for checking/viewing the fire without opening the grill
  • Port is also good for adjusting coals with ash tool on a long smoke without opening grill and when the Heat Deflector is in the way.
  • Port may be unscrewed to fine tune air flow above the charcoal especially when smoking. This allows you to fine tune for blue smoke without pushing more air through the coals and heating it up more than wanted.

No More Soaking Your Chips

Because of the efficient, low-airflow environment inside the Saffire you do not need to soak your wood chips before adding them to the fire with the chip feeder tool. When cooking at lower temperatures under 300 degrees there isn’t enough air for the chips to burn up. Normally it is recommended to soak wood chips in water to keep them from catching fire in regular grills and smokers. Again, easier with Saffire!

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Easy to Use

  1. Place the chips or small chunks into the Chip Feeder Tool.
  2. Remove the cover on the front of the grill.
  3. Slide the tool through the port and twist to dump the chips on the fire.
  4. Remove the tool and replace the cover.
A blue Saffire kamado with steam coming out the top and a bag of wood chips and the smokin' chip feeder tool on the grill's side shelf

Tailor your Flavor with Wood Smoked Savor

Many different species of wood chips are available to add different flavors to your food. Some are more delicate and others stronger. (See the smoke intensity chart below.)

Wood chips are usually available from your Saffire dealer as well as other stores.

Smoke Intensity Chart

One is mild. Ten is the strongest.

IntensityChip FlavorMeat
1.White CedarSalmon
3.Sugar MaplePoultry & Pork
8.Red OakBeef
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