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Improve your charcoal burning efficiency and make it easier to clean out your Crucible Kamado Firebox. This Charcoal Basket was specially designed to be used in our patent pending Crucible Firebox, so it will not fit our older-style ceramic fireboxes.

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Our Crucible Charcoal Basket can be used in the Saffire Crucible Kamado Firebox to make cleanup easier and grill startup times faster. When used in conjunction with our Crucible Ash Pan, you just shake the basket to get the ash to fall into the pan below, and then dump the ash out of the pan into a metal bucket. That’s it! There’s no longer any need to scrape ash out through the ash vent! In addition, the Crucible Charcoal Basket improves air-flow to the charcoal, decreasing the time it takes your grill to get up to your desired cooking temperature and reducing temperature fluctuations that can occur due to ash build-up around the charcoal.

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