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Kamado Baked Cornbread

Kamado Baked Cornbread

By John Guevarra | August 25, 2017

Cornbread Baked Saffire Style The earliest version of cornbread was baked by Native Americans. European settlers soon saw the benefits of cultivating corn, and cornbread became a staple of the early colonial diet. Cornbread remains common to dinner tables throughout the South, and makes its way out of many kitchens come chili or stew time. […]

Saffire Braided Bread

Saffire Braided Holiday Bread

By John Guevarra | August 22, 2017

Saffire Braided Holiday Bread The Saffire Braided Holiday Bread recipe is a perfect addition to your holiday traditions. Brick oven baking permeates multiple cultures from Persia to India, Europe to the Americas. Brick oven use dates back to the the days of the Roman Republic, and became widespread through Europe. Ovens in those days were […]

pizza dough

A Wood Fired Pizza Dough Recipe: Exceptional Kamado Grilling

By admin | August 14, 2015

Pizza! Kamado Style! This week, I’ve begun the task of detailing how to bake pizza on the Saffire Grill and Smoker. I have discovered that there is no longer a need to run to my local pizzeria to order up a large pie to go. Making pizza on my Saffire is now a weekly event! […]