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The Saffire Grill makes an excellent wood-fired pizza oven with this pizza stone! Put your pizza on the Fire Stone for nicely crisped bottom crust like you would expect from a wood-fired brick pizza oven.

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Place uncooked pizza directly on the Saffire Fire Stone. It’s best to place the pizza stone in the grill as soon as the temperature reaches 150° F, but if you don’t put it in right away, give it at least 10-15 minutes in the grill, by itself, to heat up to the grill’s internal temperature. Next, sprinkle it with some corn flour and place your pizza dough and toppings right on top. The ceramics get extremely hot, so the more corn flour you use, the less the dough will burn. For a crispier pizza all around, shoot for a hot grill (600-700° F) and plenty of corn flour. Be careful, though, the pizza will cook pretty quick!

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