The Perfect Saffire Breakfast Bake

By John Guevara | September 27, 2016

Yes. It’s definitely possible to make a whole breakfast casserole using only your Saffire Grill. One beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, I set out to prove it. Ingredients 1 lb Breakfast meat (I used sausage in for this recipe) 1 cup frozen potatoes Can of Pillsbury Grand Rolls 4 tbs of butter (for sausage gravy) 4 […]

A Quick Saffire Grilled Breakfast

By John Guevara | September 23, 2016

I remember every fall when I was in elementary school. It was after we moved to the hometown of Saffire Grills, Rockford, IL. My family joined a small local church. Every October, the church would sponsor a Father and Son Camp out. I remember waking up on those cold autumn mornings, groggy until I smelled […]