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How do I clean my Saffire grill and ceramic accessories?

  • June 30, 2017
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Remove your ash on a regular basis to maintain proper air flow. Regular cleaning is not necessary. High heat burns can burn off grease and smoke buildup (creosote) of the internal ceramic components and accessories. Ceramic components and accessories can also be scraped with a plastic brush or scraper.

You can wipe your Saffire grill down with a terry cloth or microfiber towel to spruce up the exterior. Cooking grids can be brushed with a grill brush, or scrubbed with a grill stone. Periodically remove your internal components to clean out any pieces of lump or ash from around the firebox or fire ring. DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS TO CLEAN YOUR GRILL. Lemon Pledge works nicely to shine up the exterior of your Saffire. Be sure to wipe all the pledge free of your grill before using it.

The outside of my grill looks like it has small cracks on the surface. Is this a defect?

No. The effect is called crazing. It is not a crack in your ceramic or a defect in the glaze. Crazing is a natural result from the extremely high temperatures Saffire uses to fire and glaze your grill to a high glossy onyx black, jasper red, or sapphire blue. Some kamados have a dull, flat finish. This is designed to hide the appearance of blemishes in the ceramics or glaze. It also reduces the initial visibility of crazing, which appears over time.

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