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How can I get my Saffire’s temperature in the “Searing” range (450-750)?

  • June 29, 2017
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Saffire’s superior air control allows tighter temperature control without relying on external “bells and whistles.” Air flow is the key. Adjusting your top and bottom vents controls the air flow through your Saffire grill. See the Saffire Manual page 11 for details on suggested settings. Also…

  1. Make sure you have enough lump charcoal in your firebox. Think about your Saffire Grill as a controlled camp fire. What kind of fire are you trying to build? Arrange the lump in your firebox to build a big fire, and fill the firebox to the brim. Visit the Saffire video page and watch the How to Light your Saffire Grill video for details on lighting.
  2. Check to see if your fuel is dry. Think of lump charcoal like you would wood. Wood can hold moisture in even when it looks dry. The same is true of lump charcoal. Make sure you store your charcoal away from the elements, preferably in an air tight, sealed container.
  3. Clear the air holes in your firebox of leftover lump or ashes to ensure proper air flow.
  4. Take a look at your temperature gauge. Contact the Saffire team if it is not reading correctly on the grill or after the “boil test”.
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