I ordered a Black Saffire Large 19″ Platinum for an outdoor kitchen. This was after due diligence on the competitors such as Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and some other brands at various home improvement stores. Before purchasing, the value of the Saffire stood out beyond the others. Stainless steel hardware, solid construction, and a general excellent appearance to the grill that goes above the others. The lifetime warranty also made it an easy decision. Since getting it up and running, I’ve cooked chicken and steak, which were absolutely fabulous given I had never used an egg-type grill. My family had never tasted such a great flavor (I haven’t used any smoke yet) using just wood charcoal. Next up is a slow-cooked pork or beef roast, and of course some ribs. Sidenote – I also installed a new natural gas grill for another part of the kitchen and I can already tell it will only be used for convenience, as it’s not even close to what the Saffire can do with cooking!

This is a great grill and I highly recommend you taking a look at Saffire if you’re shopping for a top-notch product.