I purchased my first Saffire grill soon after I retired from the Navy in 2008 as I wanted another competitor’s grill, but I did some research and found the best on the market. I can’t tell you the exact year I bought it, but it was before the serial numbers were placed on the hinge. I drove over 50 miles to the nearest dealer, and I have to tell you, he really tried to sell me the grill, but I didn’t tell him my mind was made up before I even got to his store. I purchased the black 19″ Saffire with a granite-top table, and he was so proud to make the sale. I let him think he made the better sale to me. I’ve used the Saffire at least once a week when I’m not traveling for work and the weather permits (just rain because I’m in Pennsylvania), and we grill out year around. I love my Saffire so much I recently bought another one. Why? Because of the new features.

  1. It’s easier to clean the ash out. I searched forever to find a small metal shovel to fit the access port.
  2. The wood chip insertion. So much easier now with the round port.
  3. The new fire box. Why? I just wanted to try it.

My grill is all original. The only thing I had to replace is the cover. I’m on my 3rd cover just from weather and the sun’s rays. Some day I’ll build a pavilion for my Saffire collection, smoking and grilling what I need to survive. I’m diabetic and grilled food helps me maintain blood sugar.