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The Beginning

Saffire’s story begins with the founder and President, Steve Benson. Steve spent 33 years in the specialty hearth industry, including decades promoting and selling kamado grills. Steve always believed people deserved more in a kamado grill. They deserved a specialty brand, sold by dealers committed to selling quality products to their customers. In 2008, Steve created the Saffire Grill.

First Saffire

The First Saffire Grill

From the start, Steve was committed to incorporating the best features with the highest quality ceramics on the market. He included the patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder, Stainless Steel Efficiency Plate, 304 Stainless steel hardware, and the Ceramic build kit and shield.


Continuing to Innovate

Steve remained focused on bringing more high end features to the kamado grill market. Saffire upgraded the design of the carts, introduced keruing tables in a variety of exotic hardwoods. The company also added granite table tops and offered the grills in either red or black.

SGU19 & SG18 front Wkg Md

Redesigning the Saffire

In 2014 Saffire replaced the Large 18″ with a Large 19″ grill. The side by side difference was stunning. Saffire beefed up the dome for more cooking space and greater efficiency. The company also redesigned the steel carts.

Saffire expanded the line with the XL 23″ Saffire Grill and introduced the new Bronze Class. Bronze Class grills come with powder coated steel hardware for customers to enjoy the Saffire kamado grilling experience at a lower price point. Saffire re-engineered the Smokin’ Chip Feeder, and the chip feeder port for added convenience and greater heat retention. Steve included an ember guard on the ash door to protect kids and pets from hot ash embers.

See the difference between the 18” and 19” Saffire Grills?

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Our Full Line

Today, Saffire offers a full line of kamado grills. Saffire introduced the all new 15” Medium—perfect for the camping or tail-gaiting enthusiast. The company also introduced the special edition Blue Saffire Grill. The Blue Saffire only comes in Platinum class, complete with 304 stainless handles and side shelves. It is also only offered in Large and XL.Now you can enjoy precision controlled wood fire flavor with Saffire today!

See the Saffire Difference?

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