23-Silver Saffire Kamado Grill


Ash Tool:

Use to clean ash, adjust coals, etc.



Smokin’ Chip Feeder (tool):

Tool for adding wood chips. Fits port on front of grill. (Wood Chips not included)


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Secondary Cooking Grid (Stainless Steel):

Add the Secondary Cooking Grid for spacious cooking on two levels. Cooking on any level you still have room to put a pan to catch the droppings.

Large and sturdy second cooking level leaves enough room to turn food beneath it. Cooking areas (Sq.Inches):


Model Primary 2nd Total Equates to:
19″ 283 180 464 16″ x 29″ steel smoker cooking area
23″ 397 265 662 16″ x 41″ steel smoker cooking area



Click here to buy the 19″



Click here to buy the 23″



Build Kit:

The build kit is used when placing the grill on a combustible surface. Whether it is in a built-in island, on a deck or in a Saffi(e wood cart you’ll have safe, low temperatures on the bottom of your grill. It’s double protection with the Efficiency Plate (Available in Black, Red, and Blue)


For 19″ Build Kit (or other grill settings)


For 23″ XL Build Kits (or other 23″ XL Grill settings)


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Ceramic Heat Deflector (19″ Grill):

Provides indirect heat to the cooking area so larger pieces of meat may be roasted/smoked to perfection without burning. Turns your Saffire Grill into a highly efficient Smoker or Oven.



2 Piece Ceramic Heat Deflector = 2 Zone Cooking:

Remove one half of the Deflector for two zone cooking. One half direct heat for grilling and the other half indirect heat for roasting, balancing or holding finished foods. Turns your 23″ XL Saffire Grill into a highly efficient Smoker or Oven.


FS14_2 CutOut

Fire Stone I Pizza Stone:

The Saffire Grill makes an excellent wood-fired pizza oven. Pizza Stones in 14.5″ and 16.5″ diameter. 16″ Stone may be used as a Heat Deflector for 23 XL Grill.




Heavy Duty UV Resistant Vinyl, Patented Ventilation System, Embroidered Saffire Logo, Perfect Fit


Multi-level cooking rack

Multi-level cooking for lots of food!

Cook on 3 levels at once. Equivalent to 18″ x 60″ rectangle! (On 23 XL Grill) To cook on all 3 levels you need:

  • The Rack. (CGR)
  • One Additional Cooking Grid.
  • The Secondary Cooking Grid.


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