The small Saffire is shown up close with the medium and extra large Saffire in the background
The medium, large, and extra large Saffire grills are all shown, lined up in a row
The small, medium, large, and extra large Saffires are shown in a group.

About Saffire

Start Up

Saffire began as an idea in 2006. Steve Benson, Saffire's founder and President, had spent 33 years in the specialty hearth industry, including decades promoting and selling kamado grills, and he always believed people deserved more in a kamado grill than what was available. By 2008, Steve had created and was marketing the very first Saffire Grill.

From the start, Steve was committed to incorporating the best features with the highest quality ceramics on the market. Starting with the traditional kamado design, he added the all-new, patented Smokin’ Chip Feeder, a Stainless Steel Efficiency Plate, super-durable 304 Stainless steel hardware over powder coated hardware, and the Ceramic build kit and shield for safe, standless grilling.

The Smokin' Chip Feeder port was oblong at the time, and the original prototype had a light blue color. Other distinct characteristics of the oldest Saffire model is the lack of a logo on the handle and the chimney top control.

First Saffire
2015 SGU19 and SG18 Comparison

Pushing the Envelope of Innovation

Saffire continued to focus on bringing more high end features to the kamado grill market. Replacing the very first light-blue color with the more widely recognized red and black style, Saffire introduced keruing tables in a variety of exotic hardwoods, as well as granite table tops, giving customers a variety of options in their purchasing decision.

In 2014 the grill head itself was re-envisioned. The old 18" grill (so named because of its inner cooking grid diameter of 18" inches) was replaced with the larger 19" grill. Pulling away from the egg shape of kamados in the market at the time, Saffire added extra cooking space to their grills by giving the lid a less rounded shape.