Unique Features.

Stainless Steel Hinge, Bands, Springs and Hardware
Highest quality stainless steel alloys throughout the grill for anti corrosion and longevity.

Stainless Steel Setting Cart

Strong and sturdy design for better mobility. Quick assembly. Includes Bamboo Side Shelves with Stainless Steel Tool hooks & Towel bar.

Cast Stainless Steel Damper Control

Another feature par-excellence in kamado industry.Allows precision adjustment of airflow and grill temperature.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grid

Use any type of spatula, brush, or scraper without having to worry about chipping or scratching porcelain, even if dropped on a hard surface.


Hinged Access Door in Cooking Grid

Provides access to the fire without removing the cooking grid. Use for adding or adjusting charcoal and wood chips/chunks.

½ to ¼ Assembly Time

Preassembled ceramic grill head including side shelves! 1/2 to 1/4 assembly time of most other ceramic grills.

Easier Built-in Installation

The Saffire Grill may be installed in a masonry grill island so the cooking area is conveniently close to the countertop height and is aesthetically pleasing. Most other grills of this type must be elevated a few inches above the countertop in order to allow space for the hinge which pivots downward.