Optional Features

1. Unique Smokin' Chip Feeder

  • (incl. Stainless Steel Channel and Pusher Tool.)
  • Eliminates the need to open the lid during cooking in order to add woodchips for smoking.
  • Doesn't interrupt the cooking cycle.
  • Easy access to fire without removing cooking grid (keeps wood chips out of the food and hands out of the fire). A "Must Have" for easy smoke flavor.

2. Secondary Cooking Level (stainless steel)

  • Large 180 square inch cooking area.
  • Increases total cooking area to 460 square inches.
  • Equivalent to a large 27" x 17" rectangular grill.

3. Cooking Grid Elevator (stainless steel)

  • Elevates the cooking grid and pizza stone up to the top edge of the grill.
  • Provides easier access to food.
  • Allows use of a pizza peel when cooking pizza.

4. Pizza Stone

  • The Saffire Grill makes an excellent wood-fired pizza oven.


5. Ceramic Heat Deflector

  • Provides indirect heat to the cooking area so larger pieces of meat may be roasted/smoked to perfection without burning.
  • Turns the Saffire Grill into a highly efficient Smoker.

6. High Quality Hardwood Cart

  • Stylish hardwood cart with towel bar/toolbar/ handlebars on each end.
  • Large 4" caster wheels include a total lock brake on front wheels and are rated at 250 lbs. each.
  • Use unfinished, or apply a 1 step exterior stain/sealer.
  • Easy Assembly.

7. Granite Top

  • Along with its dramatic natural beauty, granite is one of the hardest stones available. It will hold up for decades in any type of outdoor environment.

Highest quality stainless steel alloys throughout the grill for anti corrosion and longevity.

Wood Cart Dimensions Length Width Height
Wood Cart (Frame only) 56" 24 1/4" 32"
Wood or Granite Table Top 49 1/2" 29 3/4" 33"
view image with dimensions